According to, a surprisingly large amount of money was sent back home by immigrants, even from Hungary. Here is every detailed information including some surprising statistics. Interactive map is included.

According to the United Nations data, there were 244 million people living in the world in 2015 who left their homeland to try their luck elsewhere. The number of these people is significantly growing; there were only 150 million registered people like this in 1990, and a 41% increase has occured since the 2000s.

While the degree of foreigners in the total population used to be only 2.8% worldwide, it increased to 3.3 by 2015. The majority of the foreign immigrants live in the US: more than 12 million came from Mexico. Europe leads the list in terms of continents with 76 million people; 12 million out of them settled down in Germany.


It is important to emphasise that they are not the refugees ,who left their countries because of persecution, armed conflict, violent clash or the contravention of human rights. They moved in the hope of a better life and job possibilities, and therefore they got the chance to send some money back home.

According to the World Bank, this amount is USD 580 billion mostly from the US. World Economic Forum claims that this money has a very big impact on countries of origin; the amount sent to Egypt is four times more than the money they can levy from Suez Canal, while in Nepal it is the same as the one third of their GDP.

Hungarian results

According to the statistics, there were 450,000 foreign people living in Hungary, the majority –about 200,000 – from Romania. Only 40,000 Serbian and 30,000 German and Ukrainian choose Hungary as their new home.

According to the United Nation’s data, there are at least 10,000 Chinese people in the country , there are populations over 10,000 from nations that we never thought of, such as Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, South-Korea and Japan. Hungary is not so popular among South-American people; no nation could be found with at least a thousand of people living in Hungary.

According to the World Bank, there were USD 941 million sent back from Hungary. The majority of the money was sent to Romania, USD 208 million, then, 123 million to Germany, 91 million to Slovakia, 72 million to China, 65 million to Serbia, 48 million to France and 33 million to Ukraine. There were other countries getting money from Hungary, such as India (USD 5 million), Japan (5 million), Jordan (2 million) and Nigeria (23 million).

The World Bank also calculated the amount of money sent to Hungary: according to these calculations this number is nearly USD 4.2 billion. Most of the money came from Germany, then 627 million from the US and 393 million came from Canada. The United Kingdom is only on the fourth place with 373 million.

Find the interactive map of Pew Research Center here.

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