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According to the Swedish tourism website Allt Om Resor, Budapest is the second most romantic destination, following Rome and preceding Paris. According to the portal’s journalist, one can taste exceptional dishes and delicious local wines in the Hungarian capital. Furthermore, Budapest offers magnificent historical buildings and a multitude of shopping opportunities for tourists. What else does one need for a perfect holiday or weekend? – asks the Swedish website.

Budapest is cheap but offers a lot

The Swedish journalist stressed that Budapest is not only as romantic as Rome or Paris but also a cheap destination for a weekend holiday. He highlighted that no one should miss a long walk on the

beautiful old bridges of the Danube River.

Based on his list, Rome is the most romantic place to go. The Eternal City is followed by Budapest, Paris and Amsterdam. After these come Firenze, Barcelona and the Danish capital, Copenhagen. However, these are much more expensive than Budapest, so it is more worth to visit the Hungarian capital. According to Allt Om Resor, one should visit the Ecseri Flea Market, Europe’s largest ongoing interactive pinball exhibition, the Széchenyi Bath, the Liszt Academy, the Hungarian State Opera House, the building of the Hungarian State Treasury built in Art Nouveau and the ruin pubs in the 7th district.

Not only Swedes think that Budapest can be a good choice for couples

As we already reported before, Post Office announced its Holiday Money Report 2018 in January, listing all those countries and cities that might be the perfect choice for couples who would like to spend their holiday in the most romantic and economic holiday spots. In fact, the report is about finding the

cheapest holiday destinations in the world

that, besides their low budget, also provide the perfect holiday destination for couples who want some relaxation and recreation.

However, the list, in which Hungary was chosen as the 10th best destination, should not be considered without any reservations as only the price of the following products determined the rank of the participant cities and countries: a 3-course lunch for two, a bottle of the house wine, a cup of coffee, a bottle of wine, a bottle of water, a can of beer, a can of Coca-Cola, suncream and insect repellent. In fact, the top 12 destinations were selected from 42 countries, and Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach tops the chart. Interestingly, Tokyo was the second while Algarve (Portugal) the third on the list in which Hungary’s Budapest obtained the tenth position.


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