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Századvég Institute poll: Fidesz keeps strong lead

Századvég Institute poll: Fidesz keeps strong lead

Hungary’s ruling parties maintained their lead over the opposition parties, with 53 percent of decided voters in favour of the Fidesz alliance with the Christian Democrats, according to a fresh poll by the Századvég Institute.

Taking the electorate as a whole, 36 percent of the vote would go to the Fidesz-led alliance, Századvég said.

If the election were held this Sunday, 8 percent of all voters and 14 percent of decided voters would choose Jobbik, according to the poll.

The leftist opposition Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance would receive 8 percent of all votes and 11 percent of the decided vote, the think-tank said.

The green opposition LMP party would capture 7 percent of all votes and 8 percent of committed voters. The leftist Democratic Coalition, led by former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, was preferred by 5 percent of all voters and 6 percent of decided voters.

Altogether 30 percent of respondents were undecided, Századvég said.

Századvég conducted its phone poll of 1,000 randomly chosen adults between Feb. 26 and 28.

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Source: MTI

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