Hungarian law requiring NGOs to disclose foreign funding incompatible with EU law

"The restrictions on NGOs are incompatible with EU law" - Advocate General Campos Sanchez-Bordona

Breaking news about midnight closing time in Budapest’s party district!

Sooo, what about midnight closing time in #Budapest's #party district??!! #city centre

US Democrats support Hungarian civil venue against the government’s oppression

On Monday, three representatives of the US Democratic Party have sent a public letter to express their support towards Auróra community centre. The building of the […]

Opposition parties, civil organisations endorse 1 Hungary Declaration against hate speech

"History has taught us that every #Hungarian and every person living here depends on each other" #hate #speech

CoE rights commissioner urges steps for Hungary refugee protection, independence of NGOs, judiciary

"Human rights violations in #Hungary have a negative effect on the whole protection system and the rule of law.# - Dunja Mijatovic

US Secretary of State Pompeo meets NGO leaders in Budapest

"Concerns regarding the rule of law and the situation of NGOs were highlighted at the meeting" - #MikePompeo in #Budapest, #Hungary