migrant quotas


Meeting of EU foreign ministers: EU ties to southern neighbours should rest on efforts to stop migration, says Szijjártó

"It is in Europe's security interest to stop #migration." - FM Szijjártó

Government: Hungary need to be vigilant as Brussels continues to push for a redistribution of migrants

???? "Hungary is bracing for a tough year in Brussels' courts"

Hungarian govt calls on EU Portuguese presidency to reject migrant quota

Orbán cabinet calls on the Portuguese EU presidency to reject the #migrant #quotas

Nobody wanted to enter the area of Hungary to request refugee status in July

Does the government propaganda work? #dailynewshungary #hungary

Fidesz MEP: Mandatory migrant quotas still on Brussels’ agenda

"Now Brussels plans to adopt an #EU #law on mandatory quotas" #hungray #eu #migration @FideszEP

CJEU rules against Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic for rejecting migrant quota mechanism

The Council of the #EU stipulated in 2015 that #Hungary should take over 1,264 asyulum seekers