The municipality of District VII has drawn up a series of measures to have a better control over tourists, reports Turizmus Online. Another decree will come into life soon, with which the operation of the clubs in the party quarter will be restricted.

District VII’s municipality made a public announcement stating that the city council will meet on October 3rd, to discuss the drawing up of a decree regarding tourism in the inner parts of the district and regarding the clubs and restaurants.

The briefing further informs that the previous decree regarding the business hours of pubs will be modified only after the conciliation with the parties concerned took place. The aim of the municipality is to come to terms with the parties concerned and to come up with a solution that is beneficial to everyone.

The issuing of the decree cannot be further postponed, because – as the municipality argues –

the number of unpleasant incidents and happenings caused by the increase of tourism has grown in the past months.

Most of these unpleasant things required taking measures regarding public sanitation and order.

The following ten points will be presented to the city council:

In the future, the municipality:

  1. will not abide by letting those premises that are its property in the area bordered by Erzsébet Boulevard, Károly boulevard and Rákóczi street for the purposes of selling alcoholic drinks, and will not support the change of function of such premises that are already let.
  2. The first part of the cleaning proposal is that the municipality will swap the garbage bins on the streets for bigger ones and will also increase their number.
  3. The second part of the cleaning proposal is that an additional fund will be provided for the purposes of cleaning the above-described area (Erzsébet-Károly-Rákóczi).
  4. The third part of the cleaning proposal is that in 2017 and 2018, the municipality will provide a larger sum for the acquiring of commercial vehicles and cleaning machines with the purpose of maintaining public sanitation.
  5. The fourth part of the cleaning proposal is that the public toilets at Klauzál tér, Rózsák tere and Bethlen Gábor tér will be renovated.
  6. The fifth part of the cleaning proposal is that

    new public toilets will be installed at the Reformáció park, at the Kéthly Anna tér, and at the Király-Kazinczy playground.

  7. The number of the Erzsébetváros (District VII) police staff will be increased.
  8. The number of the magisterial and customer services offices of the Mayor’s Office will be increased.
  9. The constant presence of a police officer at the busier regions of the Erzsébet blvd-Károly blvd-Rákóczi str area will be requested at the District VII police office.
  10. The constant surveillance of public places will be introduced.

As a modification to the above listed, the municipality will strictly regulate the opening hours of shops and pubs.

  • An obligatory closing period will be introduced in the Erzsébet-Károly-Rákóczi area as part of the regulation. Several alternatives are proposed ranging from complete closing-in to being open on strict conditions.
  • The following alternatives are proposed regarding closing hours: establishments can close either at 6 am, 4 am or 2 am. However, another proposal states that establishments should close at midnight.

Some of the strict conditions include:

– the obligatory employing of a security guard outside the shop or pub

– if the windows and doors are open, music cannot be played

– allowing the usage of the restrooms even to those who are not guests at the establishment
– if an establishment is to be opened, the apartment house council must approve of it
– those who do not pay the supervisory fees, cannot get a license to operate their establishments. Furthermore, the license of those persons who do not clean the pavement often in front of their establishments can be revoked.

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