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For sure, vigilantes are among us, but they mostly do nothing else than collect garbage and, as a result, clean a given area. However, Tibor K. was not one of that kind. He became wary that some people had violated parking rules, so he slashed the tires of those cars that were placed somewhere they were not allowed to. Interestingly, we may think that Germans always follow the rules, but he committed the crime in Germany.

According to, he has probably slashed the tires of hundreds of cars in Germany. The police found evidence in 74 cases, but they think that he slashed the tires of at least 310 cars. The Hungarian man working as a bus and tram driver in Germany slashed even his car tyre, and he even went to a psychologist to find a cure for his problem.

He slashed the tires of

the cars that parked illegally and made bus traffic difficult.

He worked at night and in many German settlements. He probably started his activity in 2016 “to bring justice” and punish people parking illegally.

In the beginning, the bus driver of the Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG (CVAG) did so out of revenge and slashed the tires of those cars that made his work difficult because they parked illegally. However, that activity became a psychological problem for him after a while. For example, he once “stabbed” even his own Opel. A lot of details are not yet clear, but

car owners were petrified of him in three districts of Chemnitz.

His court trial started on Monday in Germany. According to local media, all victims parked their cars illegally, and many of them had to replace the tires two times in their cars because of what Tibor did.

The German police caught him by parking a car somewhere it was not allowed to park and, of course, Tibor K. popped up to slash its tires. Interestingly, the company did not fire him after that. He was offered another job, and he still drives buses. His court trial is going to continue in July.

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