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The only order founded by a Hungarian is the Order of St. Paul the Hermit, also known as Pauline Fathers, which is a monastic order of the Roman Catholic Church. Now, they decided to found a new monastery in Szeklerland (Romania), in Hargitafürdő, a charming holiday village surrounded by fir forests and beautiful mountains.

According to Index, never has any of the different monastic orders built a cloister in Szeklerland. Now, the Pauline monks decided to build one commemorating the 750th anniversary of their foundation. The building will be ready in December 2021, and it will be open not only for tourists but also for people who would like to join the Pauline fathers.

Botond Bátor, who will be a permanent resident of the new cloister built 1,400 metres high in the Hargita Mountain, told Index that the life of a monk is not too spectacular. However,

they offer silence for the mind and peace for the body in the ever-accelerating work, which can be useful for everybody.

Furthermore, they will show how a monk lives nowadays.

Hungary cloister Transylvania Romania Pauline
This is how the interior of the building is planned to look. Photo: PrtScr/Youtube

As we reported before, the Order of St. Paul the Hermit was founded in 1215 in Hungary. The founder of the Order was Blessed Eusebius, Canon of Esztergom. The members of the Order were hermits who lived in caves in Hungary. The monastic order

spread throughout the countries of Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Austria, and Bavaria.

After a while, the government ordered the closing of many monasteries. However, they persevered in Poland, where they spread devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and also at the main monastery in Czestochowa, where they continue to reside. The order’s Hungarian centre is in Pécs, but a well-known Pauline place is the Sziklatemplom as well.

Interestingly, the Pauline monks had two centres in Transylvania in the Middle Ages: Gyulafehérvár (Alba Iulia) and Nagyvárad (Oradea). At the end of the 18th century, Joseph II (1780-1790) dissolved the order, and the Pauline monks could not return for more than 200 years. That changed in 2014 when they opened a house in Hargitafürdő. They would like to develop that building into a monastic centre now.

Pauline monks. Photo:

Interestingly, it is hard to find architects who can build cloisters in 2020. That is why, for example, Father Botond visited cloisters in Switzerland to draw inspiration. They would like to create a building that does not harm its environment but can become a part of it. Therefore, for example,

they will replant trees, and they will be minimalists in creating the spaces of the new monastery as well.

Father Botond added that they would offer their prayers for the unity and ascension of the Hungarian nation.


  1. God Bless the Pauline Order.
    I’m surprised the Romanian Government let them build the Cloister.

  2. Please. The Carmelitans built a monastery near Bucharest and nobody got bothered.

  3. It is not hard to find architects to design cloisters (note to author, architects design, they do not build), that statement about it being hard is nonsense. An Order just needs to embrace creativity and do some research online. Architectural magazines have lots of examples of outstanding examples of modern cloisters by well known international architectural practices.

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