In 2015 important renovations and traffic development projects have been started and finished, and huge visual investments were decided on, not to mention the Olympic application. collected the most important projects of 2015 and showed what is expected in 2016.

  1. Change of Nyugati Square

Nyugati Square as one of the busiest public spaces of the capital has been renewed after decades of waiting. The staircase became narrower and shorter, but a “sitting-out” stair has also been created. In the evening a unique floodlight activates. The square became much brighter, the fountain has been renewed as well. Lots of people criticized the HUF 509 million-project, since it did not affect the subway under the square which is in a very bad condition. Read more HERE.

  1. Szervita Square has been renewed

The downtown Szervita Square has been renewed under the framework of the TER-KOZ tender, so the “main street of the city” shows a single image. The square became much friendlier, it got a new cover, new seats have been created and the green area has been increased as well, wrote.

  1. Rebuilding of Szell Kalman Square

It is one of the most important and longest-awaited infrastructural investments of the capital, which has been in progress for almost a year. The completion is expected in May 2016. However, the image of the square has still changed a lot. The new rail and road network became finished, the escalator became placed and the renovation of the metro exit and the stop buildings are close to being completed as well. In addition, the creation of green areas is in progress, too. Read more HERE.

széll kálmán tér7
Photo: BKK Facebook page
  1. Museum Quarter is being constructed in a moderate pace

This year, plans of Liget Budapest project have been modified significantly; there will be less buildings than previously planned. The construction of two new buildings was decided which will be built by famous Japanese architects. The Hungarian Music House will stand where the former-Hungexpo offices were, while the New National Gallery will be built in the area of the Petofi Hall. A new tender was announced for the Museum of Ethnography, while the Museum of Photography and the Hungarian Museum of Architecture are not part of the project anymore. The government provides more than HUF 156 billion for the project between 2016 and 2019. Read more HERE.

  1. Spectacular development of Buda Castle

According to, the reconstruction plans of the Buda Castle Foal Yard and its surroundings have been presented. In addition to the original function, the building will operate as an event space as well. There will be 16 stalls for the horses, the Main Guard building will be rebuilt on the original site, which will be the home of the re-established palace guards and exhibition spaces. From here, you can visit the archaeological exhibition site after the exploration of the medieval castle ruins.

  1. Square renovation in Kispest

In the spring, BKK started the refurbishment of the Hatar Road junction. They renew the bus terminal, pedestrian areas will be increased and booths will disappear. The project costs HUF 430 million which is provided by the Municipality of Budapest.

  1. World’s longest trams in Budapest

Under the tram and trolley purchase program of BKK (Budapest Transport Center), 47 new CAF Urbos3 trams will operate in Budapest in the next one and a half year. The shorter ones are still operating on the tram line 3, but soon they will be appear at the Buda intertwining tram network, too. The world record-holder trams (56m-long, 345 seats) will operate on the line 1. The deploying of the first 56m-long tram is expected in March 2016, the last one will arrive July 2016, wrote.

Photo: MTI
  1. New Budapest stadium constructions

puskás ferenc stadion 1

The construction of the Puskas Ferenc Stadium can be started in the second half of 2016 and it can be completed in 2019. Besides hosting football matches, the facility will be able to organize concerts and conferences. Another stadium project of this year, which has been announced, is Hidegkuti Nandor Stadium. It will cost HUF 6 billion.

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  1. Buda intertwining tram network has been completed

The technical handover of the tram network has been ended on deadline, and the trams can operate from January 16, 2016. It was one of the most important fixed track transport development projects of Buda. As a result, there will be transfer-free connections between North, Central and South Buda. Read more here: BUDAPEST PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT, NOW IT IS READY

  1. The first air-conditioned trolley buses arrived

skolaris-skoda trolley

The first Solaris-Skoda trolley buses are now operating on the streets of Budapest. There are 16 articulated and 20 solo buses which are air-conditioned and can move 4km without overhead lines. The total value of the public procurement is HUF 18 billion (EUR 62.4 million) which enables to buy 108 buses. Read more here: NEW TROLLEY BUSES ON THE STREETS OF BUDAPEST

+1. Now you can drink from fire hydrants

According to, the founders of Ivokut Projekt turned fire hydrants into drinking fountains simply and cheaply, and their original function remains as well. As we wrote, Budapest City Image Ltd. (BVA) and Budapest Waterworks jointly bought 43 drinking taps.

ivócsap drinking tap
Photo: Ivocsap Projekt – ReHydrant Project Facebook page

Cover photo: MTI


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