Despite its small population, Hungary has several ‘beautiful minds’ whose brilliant inventions conquered the whole world. Let’s see which are the TOP 10 world-changing brainchildren that were created by Hungarian inventors.

Vitamin C

C vitamin - fruits and vegetables
Illustration: Pixabay

As far as our health is concerned, we can be extremely grateful to the Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Györgyi who discovered vitamin C in the 1930s. The key dietary supplement was extracted from paprika which – according to some legends – was not among the favourite vegetables of its inventor. However, worldwide reputation and medical Nobel Prize served as great compensations, that is for sure.

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen - Hungarian invention
Illustration: Pixabay

The ballpoint pen is among the most important Hungarian inventions thanks to a journalist, László Bíró who wanted to create a pen that was easier to use than fountain pens, so he created the first ballpoint pen in 1930. His invention was revealed in Hungary in 1938; however, due to the persecution of Jews during the Second World War, he emigrated to Australia where his innovation was successfully patented in 1943.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube - Hungarian invention
Illustration: Pixabay

The enjoyable 3D combination puzzle was invented in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor and architecture, Ernő Rubik. It is also called the ’Magic Cube’ that might entrap its users in most of the cases. However, by lots of practice, the mysterious logic game can be easily solved within a few seconds. Just like in the case of its world record holder, Yusheng Du of China who solved a 3×3×3 Rubik’s Cube within 3.47 seconds.

Electric trains and trams

Electric tram and train - Hungarian invention
Illustration: Pixabay

Did you know that one of the most important public transport vehicles is connected to a Hungarian inventor?! Kálmán Kandó – also known as ’the father of the electric train’ – was a pioneer in the development of electric railway traction. Thanks to his invention – the three-phase motor and generator of electric railways – air pollution is decreased significantly.

The word ’coach’

Hintó - coach - Hungarian invention
Illustration: Pixabay

Besides ’szia’, ’köszönöm’ and ’Puskás’, here is one more word you will easily remember as a foreigner. As describes, the word ‘coach’ comes from the name of a Hungarian town ‘Kocs’ where fast light four-wheeled carriage was invented that soon spread across Europe. From the linguistic aspect, it left its mark on the Spanish and Portuguese word ‘coche’, the German word ‘Kutsche’ and the Czech word ‘koč’ which all derive from the word ‘Kocs’. The Hungarian word ‘kocsi’ literally ‘of Kocs’ means ‘car’ in Hungarian.


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