This year’s winter did not bring the opportunity for the lovers of mulled wine to discover new places. However, this is highly unlikely to be sad because wine is so good the way it is: in itself. collected where you can drink wines of exceptional quality, eat delicious food, and hear reports from sommeliers or listen to pleasant music.

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1. Innio Wine Bar
Where is good to be

Budapest 5, Oktober 6 u. 9.
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 17-24 Thu-Sun 17-02

The bar, which has of about   300 bottles of wine list from 5 continents, does everything for the accuracy of its slogan: good to drink, eat and live. Entering the place, a typical Italian interior receives the guests, and you can feel that it is good to live. While sitting at the table, the place – which is specialized for at least two-hour long ham and cheese dinners and sixty-minute wine drinking – guarantees that it is good to eat and drink. So all is given to say it is good to be in such a place.

2. Doc Vino Bar
The real Italian

Budapest 5., Arany Janos utca 12.
Open: Mon-Sat 12-23 Sun closed

The bar, which has a real Italian spirit and looseness, pays attention to atmosphere and to that to show the best wines of Vinitaly’s new winemakers. And, however the well-known Italian Gianni’s restaurant is right across the road, the crew happily delivers you a little ham, cheese, olive or dried tomatoes.

3. DiVino and DiVino Gozsdu
The classical and the pop-up brothers

Budapest 5., Szent Istvan ter 3, Bp. 6., Kiraly utca 13
Opening hours: Mon-Tues 16-24 W-Sat 16-02 Sun 16-24

The name DiVino is equal to young winemakers in several areas of the country. Three years ago, the first one, which is the ancestor of the wine bars of Pest, has opened next to the Basilica. Then two years later, the “little brother” has also appeared in the center of the nightlife, Gozsdu, with the largest wine terrace of the city. More than 120 wines attract the visitors with the presentation of the wines of Junibor Association members, said.

divino4. Doblo Wine&Bar
The official most-beautiful

Budapest 7., Dob utca 20.
Open: Mon-Fri 14-02 17-03 Sat, Sun 17-01

The brick floors and the huge internal height invokes the spirit of the New York lofts and it is not a surprise the place is the most beautiful bar of Budapest. You can also try craft and organic wines, products of not so well-known young Hungarian winemakers, listen to daily-changing live music and eat Vecses pickles.

5. Palack Wine Bar
The keeper of the cultic memories

Budapest 11., Szent Gellert ter 3
Opening hours: Mon-Tues 11-23 W-Sat 11-24 Sun 12-22

The wine bar is working together with the former cultic beer restaurant, Profeta Galeria, and it is the best decision for drinking Spritzer with friends or for a glass of wine after work. The 80-100 pieces offer smaller, but valuable products of wineries, which are perfectly suited for ham and cheese bowls or for the breathtaking panorama.

6. Kadarka Bar
The monthly renewable

Budapest 6., Kiraly utca 42
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 16-24

The place was named after a hassle-free grape variety. It provides undisturbed fun and youthful atmosphere with its interior inspired by the sixties and with the 30-40 wines, which change every month. In addition to the excellent Hungarian wines, you can eat eggplant and pumpkin cream, cheese plate or fried dough. If you want something more unusual, don’t miss the “French Spritzer”, which is Palinka with soda.

7. Drop Shop Wine Bar
The daily story-teller

Budapest 5., Balassi Balint utca 27.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11-24

The crew of Drop Shop tells different stories about wine every day. And all this are only added that wine list changes even during the day. It is no wonder that the 60 wines come from the world’s most exciting wine regions beside their Hungarian brothers. The visitors can also try Italian, Spanish and Hungarian champagnes. And if you like something very much, you can buy an unopened bottle, since this place is a wine shop too, said.

8. ETAP Dali&Night Wine Bar
The stylishly cozy

Budapest 7., Kiraly utca 43-45
Open: Mon-Wed 16-24 Thu-Sat 16-02 Sun closed

It has opened just a few months ago and it became the visitor’s favorite with its elegant interior and charming ambience, whether it is a lunch during work or a wine drinking – to live the stages of the day valuably. Among the 26 wineries’ products, there are Transylvanian, Hungarian, Burgenland and Vojvodina items.

9. Szalonspicc Café and Wine Bar
The delirious of Buda

Budapest 2., Lovohaz utca 17
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 16-24

Bubble products dominate this excellent bar of Buda. There are champagnes, cavas, proseccos and Hungarian sparkling wines. But if someone want to drink wine, one can taste Hungarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Chilean and New Zealander products.

10. VinoWonka Chocolate and Wine Bar
Accumulates pleasures

Budapest 8., Corvin setany 2
Mon-Sun: 14-22 Sun closed

In this cozy bar, you can get syrups, teas and sandwiches from locally baked pastries, in addition to the less well-known Hungarian craft wines.


+1. Double Bubble Champagne Bar
The authentic bubble empire

Budapest 7., Madach ter 5
Open: Mon-Wed- 12-24, Thu-Sat 12-02 16-23 V

By the renovation of Madach ter, Hungary’s only champagne bar with a serious offer arrived to the place. You can find here everything from the stylish Tattinger house, the iconic Roederer, the unique Alfred Gratien to the fruity products of David Bourdaire. There are cavas, domestic and Russian champagnes, Italian proseccos or Slovenian organic champagnes. If you don’t know what to choose, the crew helps you. You can try everything as a tasting portion as well. It is not to be missed for bubble fans!

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