The family went to court against the company operating the cruise ship because, according to their lawyer, they supposed to know the dangers of isolating employees. Furthermore, they should provide appropriate mental support for the one who needs it.

The law firm of Péter Rónai, who has successfully won several lawsuits in the United States, took charge of the case of the Hungarian man who, last year, while working on a luxury cruise ship, ended his life.

In their view, the company operating the ship did not properly look after the emotional and physical wellbeing of its employees

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The awful tragedy that happened last May shook the whole staff. The ship, called Carnival Breeze, had been waiting for two months anchored in Central America, next to the Bahama Islands, for approval to dock, all due to the coronavirus situation. A Hungarian tourist guide, József Sz. was also working on board. The 29-year-old man signed his contract with the biggest cruise ship company of the world, Carnival Corporation, back in January 2017. As part of the crew working on Carnival Breeze, he was travelling all around the world; his job consisted of doing sightseeing tours in the cities they docked at.

Only the 1300 staff members of the ship remained in lockdown on board. All tourists left the ship right at the beginning of the pandemic. None of the employees was infected. Still, the ship was not granted approval to dock. Finally, they could leave to England, from where everyone was supposed to travel home.

They only needed to endure a couple of more days on board, when it became suspicious for the staff that no one heard anything about József for days.

Finally, on May 9, they entered his cabin where he was found dead.

The family’s lawyer says that the company should have known about the dangers of being completely isolated. They were supposed to ensure appropriate mental and emotional support to all employees. And that does not mean to make alcohol easier to get. The victim’s family is fighting for compensation. The father told Bloomberg that they are not doing it for money, they just want to know the truth.

His death is another tragic side story to the coronavirus pandemic shaking the whole world. It takes a toll on suicide rates as well, which is already relatively high in Hungary, which is being registered as the 5th country with the highest numbers in the EU in this respect. 

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  1. Not for money but for the truth?
    The alcohol line says it all… The guy probably had a sensitive soul under isolation witg lots of booz- here’s the truth.
    Don’t think the company has anything to do with it….

  2. Carnival were exercising their Duty of Care by preventing any potential spread of the virus onboard by introducing a number of lockdown measures to protect all crew members. If a crew member has not exhibited any psychological problems or given any cause for concern then the company has not failed in its Duty of Care. Without knowing all the facts of the case, it does rather sound like an ‘ambulance chasing lawyer’ and others motivated by possible financial gain.

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