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According to the prosecutor, they earned at least £175,000 by bringing girls from Hungary to the UK and taking half of their earnings. Now, they got sentenced to jail for five and over three years.

“Unkempt and stinky” brothels

According to the Derby Telegraph, Geza Horvath (33) and Daniel Zemencsik (28) ran brothels in Derby. The pair advertised online for sex workers to come to the UK from their home country, arranged flights, picked the girls up from airports and placed them in “unkempt and stinky” rented properties in the city. They then took half of their earnings.

They were operating at a house in Violet Street, Normanton, and a flat in Uttoxeter New Road. While Horvath ran the operation from a property in Hawkins Lane, Burton, Zemencsik

collected the money in envelopes

left by the prostitutes and carried out the day-to-day maintenance work at the Derby addresses.

According to Judge Jonathan Bennett, it was a conspiracy, and each person played their role over a period of time. “You, Mr Horvath, played a senior role, overseeing the operation, running the office, renting the properties and advertising the girls. You, Mr Zemencsik, had an essential role in transporting the women and looking after the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the properties.” However, the condition of the properties was so bad that women did not stay long, and the turnover was high – he added.

Nadia Silver, prosecuting, said the conspiracy ran from May 2017 to April 2018. She said that Horvath is a former University of Derby student, and he rented the properties and advertised on a Hungarian website for prostitutes to come and work in Derby. Meanwhile, Zemencsik collected women from airports including East Midlands, Birmingham and Luton. According to her, since the police became aware of the operation, around 20 girls had been “working” for the two men. Thus,

the profit they made can reach £175,000.

In fact, Horvath and Zemencsik both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to facilitate the travel of others with a view to exploiting. Derbyshire police’s investigation is still going on with co-conspirators still being sought.

Horvath’s lawyer, Philip Tulley, said his client came to study and work in the UK in 2005 and, though he ran a prostitute circle, the women were not forced or coerced to come to work in the UK against their will, they did so in the full knowledge of what they were doing.

And Roger Wilson, for Zemencsik, said his client had arrived in the UK from Hungary in 2012 hoping for a better life. He added that operations like that are legal and taxed in Hungary, and he was not aware of how seriously such a business is taken in the UK.

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Source: derbytelegraph.co.uk

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