Apart from its special culinary flavours, Hungary can also be tasted in the form of unique cocktails inspired by Hungarian inventions.

Located on the bank of the Danube, Corso Bar & Terrace offers a unique cocktail selection inspired by world-famous Hungarian inventions such as the Rubik’s Cube, Safety Match or Vitamin C.

Irresistible aromas are combined with an exclusive design that results in an unforgettable experience.


Hologram koktél -

The cocktail’s fancy name was inspired by the invention of the Hungarian Gábor Dénes who created the first hologram picture 70 years ago. As a result of his ingenuity, three-dimensional objects can be visualised out of thin air. Many years later, the brilliant idea impressed some imaginative bartenders who created the cocktail speciality called Hologram, which is a mixture of Agárdi Gin, Pimento Liqueur, homemade grenadine syrup and fresh lemon juice. Besides its unforgettable taste, the cocktail is visualised in a special way by the help of tricky mirrors and a little fume.


Safety Match koktél - Corso Bar

Safety Match

The multicolour cocktail was designed based on the invention of the Hungarian chemist, János Irinyi. The key components – which are Bailey’s, Coffee Liqueur and Grand Marnier – are visibly reflected in the colour scheme of the tasteful alcoholic beverage. Representing the power of fire, Safety Match cocktail is served in a spectacular way. Its consumers can witness how a bartender sets the coffee-based speciality on fire before tasting.


Soda Water

Soda Water koktél - Corso Bar

Based on the appearance of the cocktail with a creamy texture, it might be surprising that its main ingredient is soda water itself – also known as carbonated water – invented by Hungarian physicist Ányos Jedlik. The differentiating feature of the bubbly water is the iconic soda bottle from which it is served. Remaining faithful to the special procedure, bartenders create a mixture of Tanqueray Gin, Lime and Lemon Juice, Cream, Egg white and Soda water.



Rubik Cube's koktél - Corso Bar

Rubik’s Cube

„Maita’i roa ae!” that is to say „Out of this world-the best” – described the first taster of this alcoholic cocktail speciality. Just like in the case of the brilliant Hungarian invention, Rubik’s Cube, its simplicity is hidden in its complexity. The main ingredients are Oak Bottle Aged Spice Rum, Orange Liqueur, Lime Juice and Falernum Syrup.



                                           Vitamin C

Bloody Mary - Corso Bar

As the legend says, the world-famous Hungarian biochemist, Albert Szent-Györgyi, was not a big fan of paprika. However, his worldwide reputation can be connected to the essence of this vegetable, Vitamin C, representing a key dietary supplement and a fundamental ingredient of the world’s most complex cocktail, Bloody Mary. The healthy vegetable mixture contains Absolut Vodka, Celery Pálinka, Tomato Juice and a Spicy Mix of Vitamin C.


Bíró's Pen koktél - Corso Bar

Bíró’s Pen

The ballpoint pen was invented by Hungarian journalist László Bíró who created the revolutionary object accidentally. With the help of his genius innovation, the recipes of beloved Old Fashioned drinks can be rewritten, just like in the case of Bíró’s Pen cocktail containing Whiskey, Bitter and Sugar.



    Béres Drops

Béres csepp koktél - Corso Bar

The Béres Drops was invented in 1972 thanks to the genius Hungarian researcher, Dr József Béres, who struggled for decades for the professional appreciation of his brainchild. His fight was rewarding as the legendary product was declared a medicine in 2000, contributing to the most prestigious scientific recognition of Hungary, the Széchenyi Award. In 2013, the product was acknowledged as a “Hungaricum”. A few drops of this essence give the singular aroma of the espresso-based special cocktail, containing Absolut Elyx Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, 42 Coffee and the indispensable Oak Bottle Aged Béres Eszencia Drops.

Source: www.corso.hu

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