According to, the popular website asked 18,000 travellers about the most important sentences that everyone should learn before visiting a new country. So here are the most useful sentences in Hungarian, and even some more 😉

Based on the survey, the results are a bit surprising. The internet obsession of travellers is so real that the “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” question almost won the competition, only the “What’s the best way to get into town?” question came before it.

Regarding the differences between men and women, women are usually more interested in the location of the bathroom/toilet than men, while men tend to ask about the opening hours of bars more frequently than women.

The top 10 sentences in English and Hungarian:

What’s the best way to get into town/downtown? – Hogy jutok be a városba/belvárosba?

What’s the Wi-Fi password? – Mi a wi-fi jelszó?

What time is breakfast? – Mikor van reggeli?

Where can I get the best meal? – Hol lehet a legjobbat enni?

Where’s the bathroom? – Hol van a mosdó?

Take me somewhere awesome – Vigyél el valami jó helyre

I want/need coffee – Kávét szeretnék

I can’t remember my room number – Nem emlékszem a szobaszámomra

Can I request an early check in? – Bejelentkezhetek korábban?

Where’s the closest pharmacy? – Hol van a legközelebbi gyógyszertár?

These are very practical and slightly food-oriented sentences and questions. Even though 10 is a round number, we thought we would complete the list with some more sentences, expressions that can come in handy when in Hungary.

I don’t speak Hungarian – Nem beszélek magyarul

Which language do you speak? – Milyen nyelven beszél/beszélsz (formal, informal)?

Good morning! – Jó reggelt!/ Jó napot!

Good evening! – Jó estét!

Good bye! See you later! – Viszontlátásra!

Sorry! – Bocsánat!

Thank you very much! – Köszönöm szépen!

You’re welcome! – Szívesen!

Help! – Segítség!

If you’d like to learn more useful Hungarian words, expression, sentences or just want to find out about the curiosities of our language, check out our mini language lesson series 🙂

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