member of the Political Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party
Budapest, 2018. május 28. Németh Zsolt, az Országgyûlés külügyi bizottságának fideszes elnöke (b) fogadja Nguyen Van Binht, a Vietnami Kommunista Párt Politikai Bizottságának tagját (j) az Országházban 2018. május 28-án. MTI Fotó: Illyés Tibor

Zsolt Németh, the head of parliament‘s foreign affairs committee, met Nguyen Van Binh, a member of the Political Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party and head of the party’s economic committee, for talks in Budapest on Monday.

Following the talks, Németh spoke highly of Hungary’s “friendly” relations with Vietnam, and highlighted the progress of recent years in scientific, education, and economic cooperation.

Nmeth mentioned that in recent years some 3,000-4,000 Vietnamese students have graduated from Hungarian universities and added that

Hungary has a Vietnamese community of up to 5,000.

Referring to a 500 million euro loan programme Hungary had launched to support Vietnam, Nemeth said that the scheme was aimed at promoting projects in health care, information technology, and water management. He added that bilateral ties could be further deepened through a visit by the head of Vietnam’s Communist Party planned for the autumn.

The Vietnamese leader said that bilateral relations had never been so good and added that conditions were in place to further develop those ties. He said that his country would use the loan programme in areas where Hungary can offer the highest skills and technology. He called Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s 2017 visit to Vietnam a milestone in bilateral relations. Vietnam considers Hungary as its gateway to Europe, he said, adding that Vietnam could fill the same role for Hungary as regards Southeast Asian markets.

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