Budapest, 2017. május 13. A tematikus séta résztvevõi Csortos Gyula színész sírjánál az Emlékhelyek napja megnyitóján a Fiumei Úti Sírkertben 2017. május 13-án. A Nemzeti Örökség Intézete (NÖRI) második alkalommal rendezi meg az országos programsorozatát, amellyel a magyar történelemben és kultúrában kiemelt fontossággal bíró nemzeti és történelmi emlékhelyekre kívánja felhívni a figyelmet. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

We hope you did not throw your umbrella away, because it is very likely you will need it. Tuesday will bring rain which will stay until Friday, but the temperature will not fall significantly during the week.

The highest temperature on Tuesday may reach 24 degrees, but this would not console many for the thunderstorms arriving. However, the amount of rainfall will be far less than that of Monday (7 mm), it will only be around 3 mm.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be very much alike: rain, warm weather and wind will characterize these days. The maximum temperature on both Wednesday and Thursday will be around 23 degrees and the amount of rainfall will not go above 2 mm. Wednesday will follow the weather of Tuesday with its thunderstorms, but Thursday will only bring showers. Yet it cannot be said that the weather will turn milder, as the strength of the wind will almost double. From the 17 km/h of Wednesday it will grow up to 31 km/h on Thursday.

Wind will not stop on Friday either, moreover, the strength of the wind will just reach its peak with 32 km/h. The temperature will get a tiny bit lower, as the highest temperature on Friday can only be 21 degrees. Showers are expected.

Showers and thunderstorms will avoid the weekend, but storm-wind will stay until Saturday with 30 km/h. The temperature will reach the bottom for the week, the highest temperature on Saturday cannot be above 20 degrees, but it will start to increase again on Sunday. Sunday will be the only sunny day of the week, the highest temperature hopefully be around 22 degrees, while the strength of the wind will be a friendly 12 km/h. Take advantage of this beautiful day and go for a trip, fine weather will not last long again.

Below the chart of can be seen.

Photo: MTI

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