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The longest sausage in the world

The Hungarian village of Sajóvámos secured fame with the (yet) unofficial record of making the longest sausage in the world – it is 2431 metres long (2658 yards). A team of 16 people from the village created the extra long sausage with incredible speed, in just half a day!

We have already reported about Hungarian Guinness World Records, which were mostly connected to sports or exercise. There was a silly record of a man balancing a football on his forehead for more than two hours while climbing the stairs, the fastest roundhouse karate kick by a martial artist, acrobatic basketball records, a football juggler girl’s record and a world record at the Budapest circus.

This time, a Hungarian village of 2100 citizens called Sajóvámos near Miskolc has broken the Guinness World Record with the longest consecutive sausage. At a Serbian sausage festival in 2015, a crew made a 2031-metre-long, 3 tonnes in weight sausage, Origo.hu reported back then. Since then, on the 2nd of February 2019, Hungarians set a new record, informed borsonline.hu.

The original goal of the 16-people team was to beat the Serbian record. Well, they did so and even surpassed it by 400 metres (four football pitches). The ingredients of the record-winning sausage weighed 1700 kg.

#hungary #longest #sausage #world #record
Guinness World Record in progress, photo: facebook.com/sajovamosifenykeptar

Gábor Gál, president of the Database of Hungarian Record, announced that the Hungarian record was made that day for sure, and expecting a Guinness World Record is not an exaggeration. However, the village has to wait a couple of weeks for the Guinness Record Association to certify the official record.

#hungary #longest #sausage #world #record
The mark of the world record, photo: facebook.com/sajovamosifenykeptar

The interesting thing about the length of the sausage is that it almost has the same length in metres as the Main Street of the village.

Source: borsonline.hu

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