The impressive video captures the view of the magnificent Budapest on 20 August, reported by Magyarorszá

Have you always wondered what your favourite city looks like from the air or wanted to see the view that unfolds when the plane takes off? Then this is a must-see video made just for you.

Pilots of the National Defence Force took the video during the annual Water and Air Parade on 20 August. The pilots were flying a JAS-39 Gripen, but there were helicopters, too.

Take a look at the video here:

As 20 August is one of the most important national holidays in Hungary, we have written numerous articles about the festivities this year. If you want to know what Hungarians celebrate on this day, check out our article first about the details.

We have also reported about the programs that took place in Budapest and, of course, how important figures of Hungarian society and politics spent the festivities. President Áder spoke about our culture that has to reach back to St Stephen, while Hungarians in the US celebrated with mass and other festivities during the day.

If you liked the video with the breathtaking view over Budapest, why not take a look at the panorama of Budapest from a wintery igloo or the Hármashatár Mountain?

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