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Gabriela Spanic is a Venezuelan actress and singer best known for her roles in several Latin telenovelas, most notably her portrayal of twins in La usurpadora (1998), one of the most popular telenovelas in the Spanish-speaking world. Now she is in Hungary, performing in TV2’s contest show, Dancing With The Stars, and said that she developed a great love for the country.

According to Bors Online, the Venezuelan actress showed them how she spends a day in Budapest, and based on the more than 10-minute-long video, it seems that she developed a great love for Hungary in the last few weeks. She said, for example, that she arrived days before starting the shooting of the first episode of the contest. However, she had to hide not to be recognised by fans.

Since then, she has become an “honorary” Hungarian, and her son, Jesús, also likes to be in Hungary. She even said that it is feasible that after the show,

they would move to Hungary.

Spanic also said that she is satisfied with Hungarian men and she would not exclude that, in the end, a Hungarian man would win her heart.

Spanic said that after losing her mother, she saw the show as therapy, so she did everything to learn all the dances and concentrate on good things. She told TV2 that she eats only twice a day and likes to mix breakfast with lunch. Furthermore, she swears on bath oils, and she does not like to wear much make-up, so she regularly puts on only some powder. She also revealed that her best beauty tip is to remain happy and do what you like because you only live once. Therefore, everybody should concentrate on the present day. 

She said she likes to cook and brought many Venezuelan ingredients with her. Having even Croatian ancestors on her father’s side, she clarified that gastronomy is very diverse in her family. Speaking about the Hungarian cuisine, she said that

she likes goulash soup very much, as well as Hungarian paprika.


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