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Just a month after America’s Got Talent’s jury was amazed by a Hungarian girl’s performance, the US audience turns to Hungary again. Kate McKinnon, a famous comedian started rapping in Hungarian at Jimmy Fallon’s, as Comment.blog.hu writes.

Yo-Yo-Yozsefváros: sang the whole studio of Jimmy Fallon’s show along with Kate McKinnon, one of the most famous American humorists. The flawless performance of Kate, featuring Animal Cannibal’s ’90s song, Yozsefváros, deservedly went viral following its debut in the American media. You can watch the video here:

Kate, together with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher spent quite some time in Budapest last year during the shooting of their new movie, The Spy Who Dumped Me. The movie features stars such as Gillian Anderson, Justin Theroux and San Heughan on the side of Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon. The comedy is about two girlfriends, who find out that one of their ex-boyfriends is a spy. If this would not be enough, they get into a dangerous hunt as the ex turns out to be the target of a hit man.

It was during the shooting of the film that Kate tried to learn Hungarian, as she explains in the interview on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

However, she did not even succeed to order in a restaurant in Hungarian, despite having learned the language for one year. Her failure only confirms what we already know: that Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages to learn.

Nevertheless, we congratulate Kate’s Hungarian teacher, Erik, who successfully taught the actress a verse of rap during their time together.

Hereby you can find the lyrics to the song Kate was rapping:

Yo, yo, hogy itt vagyunk
Most végre valamit bemutathatunk
Ez a Yozsefváros, a mi tanyánk
Itt nevelt fel minket a yoanyánk
Ahol velünk együtt már sok hülye felnőtt
Hiába, ez a hely a szívünkhöz nőtt
Itt nem ültet anyád pálmafát
S a gyerekek már csak rombolják az iskolát
Mert a sok suttyótól már lépni sem lehet
A fontos, milyen a hajad és a pulóvered
Vagy barát leszel, vagy ellenség
Itt már nem számít az emberség
Ócska, szakadt ruhában
Egy kuruzsló derékig a kukában
A kérdésem csak ennyi, yo, elég
Ez mind-mind egy yozsefvárosi utcakép

Sötét ez a hely, há-há-há, világos


Featured image: https://web.facebook.com/FallonTonight/videos

Source: Comment.blog.hu

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