Mila Kunis is shooting a comedy titled The Spy Who Dumped Me in Budapest this summer, and her family accompanied her to Hungary. Several websites have reported that her husband, Ashton Kutcher is getting to know his way around the city as he’s been spotted in several locations.

One of the journalists of Blikk was lucky enough to bump into the movie star in a café in Buda, where he likes to start his days. The journalist wrote that the actor was very attentive when she asked for a photo and said that he loved Budapest. “It is a beautiful city.”

The star family is staying in our capital until September according to the shooting schedule of Mila Kunis’ new movie. For that matter, she’s going to appear on the side of actors like Gillian Anderson, Justin Theroux, Kate McKinnon and San Heughan. The movie is about two girlfriends, who get into a dangerous hunt after they find out that one of their ex-boyfriends is a spy, who is the target of a hitman.

The actress was also accompanied by their two children, Wyatt and Dimitri, so the family rented a beautiful house in Buda for these upcoming months. Ashton Kutcher arrived in Budapest a few days ago, he was spotted in grocery shop Monday morning as he was shopping and analysing the muesli selection. The actor also visited Finomító Kantin for dinner, while others saw the couple walking down Csaba Street.

Ashton is very active on his Facebook site, he posts different content every day – Photo:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have known each other since their childhood, they first played together in a show in 1989, but they only started dating in 2012. They got engaged after two years and married in the July of 2015. Their first child was born in the autumn of 2014, while her brother was born last November.

So keep your eyes open, you might bump into the couple on the streets of Budapest 😉

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