These are the desserts Hungarians like most: pancake, sponge cake (somlói galuska), chestnut puree, poppy seed dumps (mákos guba) and tiramisu. Which one have you already tried? Recipes in the article below!

According to, people ordered a dessert in the case of 11 pc of their food orders for an average price of 777 HUF (EUR 2.5) in 2018. In fact, the sky-high leader is pancake filled with peanut butter while the second and the third position went to the cocoa and the cottage cheese in this respect. Then comes the sponge cake from which Hungarians eat 1.5 times more than of chestnut puree. The fourth place belongs to the poppy seed dumps while the fifth one to the tiramisu and they have an almost identical number of fans.

In 2018, the most significant rise (14 pc) in the case of dessert orders was from January to February while it touched the bottom at the end of spring with a 12 pc decrease compared to the average.  According to, this is because people order desserts mostly in the

gloomier months of fall, winter and early spring

but the approaching beach season for which people would like to get in shape quickly kills dessert business. Therefore, it is not surprising that after February there was a constant rise in 2018 which peaked in November when people ordered 11 pc more desserts than the average.

Though the article does not write about it, we suppose that there is a decrease regarding dessert orders in December because of Christmas for which Hungarian families traditionally prepare a lot of food including delicious desserts. HERE we collected you some of the tastiest ones.

HERE we wrote about the best Hungarian food services while HERE you can find an article about the best confectioneries in Hungary.

And finally,

the long-awaited recipes.

HERE you find the recipe of the famous Gundel pancake which can be filled with sweet fillings like peanut butter while HERE you can read the method of the Hortobágy style pancake which is filled with chicken meat. HERE you can find how to prepare sponge cake and HERE is the recipe of mákos guba (poppy seed dump).


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