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That’s weird! Hungarian thermal lake disappears!

That’s weird! Hungarian thermal lake disappears!

Szeretlekmagyarorszá and RTL reported that the water from the Zalakaros thermal lake completely disappeared by Wednesday morning. A technical problem most probably caused the leakage. The foil below the water ripped, and the thermal water slowly escaped.

The thermal lake at Zalakaros is an artificial lake which was constructed only a few years ago in 2015. The lake gains its water supply from the thermal water drained from the Zalakaros Thermal Bath. The Thermal Lake has a water surface of approximately 12,900 square meters, and its lowest point is 1.8 m deep. The lake has an aesthetic rather than functional value.

Gepostet von Zalakaros Termáltó és Ökopart am Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017

Ferenc Novák, major of Zalakaros first said that a pit formed under the bed of the lake, and it caused the foil to rip, and the water slowly escaped through the hole. Everything happened pretty fast; there was no sign of any problem a day earlier.

Within a few hours, tens of thousands of cubic metres of thermal water disappeared from the lake.

At first, it was not known what could have caused the mysterious pit under the lake’s bed. Experts already started to repair the damage, and are trying to get everything back to normal.

Hungarian thermal lake disappears!

Photo: MTI

Hungarian thermal lake disappears!

Photo: MTI

RTL found out that the drainage channel under the lake gave away, and most probably that caused the pit.

The lake can be filled up only after the drainage channel is fully repaired.

As I have already mentioned, the lake has an aesthetic function. Bathing is not allowed in the lake, but a beautiful park surrounds it, and locals and tourists alike are keen on going there, walking, and just admiring nature. Locals are very sorry about what happened, and they hope that soon, everything will get back to normal. Local authorities are worried about the approaching tourist season, as the thermal lake is a popular tourist attraction. Sadly, currently, the lake is not looking very nice.

A zalakarosi termáltó vízelvezető rendszerének meghibásodása miatt ma hajnalban a tóban lévő víz elszivárgott.A műszaki…

Gepostet von Zalakaros Termáltó és Ökopart am Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2018

Featured image: MTI


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