Even though the Olympic fever is decreasing we can’t have enough of our Olympians! Hungary is known for its amazing thermal baths and spas, so termalfurdo.hu combined the two sensations: let’s see the baths you must visit in the hometowns of our Olympians.

Katinka Hosszú’s school town, Baja

Besides enjoying the free beach of Baja it’s worth visiting the magical park of Dávod only a few kilometres away from Baja. The nine hectare park of the Dávod-Püspökpuszta lido offers sporting, playing and healing opportunities. They have thermal, swimming and fun pools, different massage options, boils, jacuzzi beds, neck showers, waterfalls and drift-alleys. Water slides, water fungiform and splashy aquatic toys guarantee the entertainment of the children in the kids’ pool. There are many exciting, long slides that can give visitors an adrenaline rush in the slide park.

strandfürdő dávod

Zsuzsanna Jakabos’s hometown, Pécs

The Wave Bath can be found in the centre of Pécs and it welcomes guests with a wave pool and a 33 metre long swimming pool. The bath, founded in 1935, was named after the machine producing waves at the pool, which evokes the feeling of the sea with its 130 cm waves every hour. Besides the more than 8000 m2 neat grass they offer relaxation to whole families with swings, sand boxes and a shadowy family resting park.

strandfürdő pécs

Tamás Kenderesi started from Aparhant, then continued in Bonyhád

The Bonyhád Thermal Bath offers the perfect form of relaxation in the sultriness. The swimming, sitting and children’s pools ensure an unforgettable experience for all age groups. The bath is supplied with warm water every minute by a 400 litre yield well. The 25 metre fun pools and swimming pools are equipped with slides, a slide-pool bay, a drift flow, a geyser, neck shower aquatic toys and underwater terraced sitting-lying spots. Moreover, back massage pampers guests in the sitting pool.

strandfürdő bonyhád

Boglárka Kapás’s hometown, Debrecen

The Debrecen Aquaticum functions with fun pools and thermal baths, a medical and a sauna world, which is expanded with a lido in the summer season. The Aquaticum Mediterranean Spa can be found in a 66 m diameter dome-hall. They have a special chlorine-free pool for babies, children’s pool, indoors and outdoors playground for kids and several types of entertainment opportunities for adults. The Mediterranean fun pool and the Mediterranean sauna centrum can be reached from the thermal bath through a closed corridor system. Guests may choose from 33, 35 and 38° Celsius thermal pools in the hall. You’ll find comfortable sitting benches is all pools, which facilitate relaxation.

strandfürdő debrecen

Éva Risztov’s hometown, Hódmezővásárhely

The Török Sándor Lido and the Gyarmati Dezső Sport Pool welcomes visitors throughout the whole year in Hódmezővásárhely. The lido has several indoor and outdoor pools, wellness services and thermal water. The bath centre, found in the heart of the city, was founded in 1929 and is surrounded by a huge, parkland environment. There are swimming, practice, thermal and children’s pools both indoors and outdoors. In addition, they offer multiple wellness programmes and pampering.

strandfürdő hódmező

Tímea Babos’ hometown, Sopron

The legendary Lővér Bath can be found in a park surrounded by a beautiful pine-forest. Even though the bath was built more than a century ago, it offers modern service. They have swimming pools, fun pools, and a slide park in the summer season. Guests can also enjoy the Finnish saunas, the dipping pools and massages. The lovers of active relaxation can try the beach volleyball and football pitches. Lastly, besides the average dressing rooms, they also have changing rooms for babies and disabled.

strandfürdő sopron

Krisztián Pars trains in Szombathely

The Szombathely Lake Bath welcomes all family members with different pools, aquatic toys, play centre and slide park. The bath, found in a parkland area, offers perfect relaxation to all ages with its enormous green zone. The entertainment of kids is ensured by several exciting services. Sport lovers can choose from swimming and practicing pools, while bathers can enjoy the adventure pool and the slide pool. There are also four super-slides for adrenaline-seekers.

strandfürdő szombathely

The capital city of our athletes, Budapest

While looking at the list of our Olympians and their bio you realise that Budapest is also the city of Olympians. There were a lot of athletes from Budapest in Rio. While it’s hard to highlight only a few sportspeople, it’s also hard highlighting one of the amazing thermal baths of Budapest. Whichever you choose to visit, your relaxation is guaranteed!

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