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The Treaty of Trianon was the peace agreement on June 4th 1920 which formally ended World War I. between most of the Allies and the Kingdom of Hungary.  As a result, Hungary lost the 2/3 of its territories and people.

The treaty was actually a dictation, because Hungary was only invited for the signature of the document. It was signed at the Grand Trianon Palace in Version, France. All of the neighboring countries received territories from Hungary, even Austria, which was also a loser of the war.

Count Albert Apponyi arrived to the negotiations with later Prime Ministers István Bethlen and Pál Teleki. The latter presented his famous “Red map”, which marked the territories of Hungarian majority with red. However, the delegation was placed under house arrest, and they couldn’t participate in the conference. Apponyi could tell his famous plea after the closing of the negotiations. Finally, he signed the treaty on June 4 1920.

Romania received the biggest area from Hungary, 102.803 km2. It includes Transylvania, Partium and Bánát.

Czechoslovakia got the second largest territory, Upper Hungary, Transcarpathia (now it is owned by Ukraine) and Csallóküöz. The total area is more than 61 thousand km2.

The newly-formed (and short-lived) State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs obtained Srem, Drávaköz, Backa, Bánát and Muraköz, a total of 20.829 km2. Croatia (more than 42 thousand km2) was also the part of the Kingdom of Hungary until that.

It is interesting that even Austria received territory: Burgenland (4020 km2). Moreover, Poland also got a few settlements from Hungary.

This treaty result a quite homogenous state in the rest of Hungary, but 10% of the people still had another mother tongue than Hungarian (most of them spoke German).

Unfortunately, Trianon created several problems, and most of them afflicted the Hungarians remained across the borders.

Approximately 3.3 million Hungarians left outside Hungary.

Nowadays, 95 years after the treaty, there are several initiatives in connection with this tragedy. For example, on March 11, Szekely Freedom Day was held, which peacefully protested for the autonomy of Hungarian-speaking Székelys in Transylvania, Romania.




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  1. How tragic it is that so much of Hungary’s identity is locked up in pursuit a fool’s quest and lamenting the past. Get over it. Only losers revel in their losses. As long as Trianon is a national tragedy, Hungary will remain mired in a morass of wasted self-pity. No one else cares so get over it ! Grow up and satop acting like a child who lost his toys.

  2. This article is an instigation. Those were not Hungarian territories. Those were under Austo Hungarian occupation. Like Joe Miano said get over it. Shame on those who wrote the article. We need peace not war.

  3. Shame on you… This is an instigation. Get over it. Those were not Hungarian territories. Those were under occupation. Read a history book.

  4. Joe ! Who the you think you are to tell Hungarians how to think or behave ? If you compare thinks like this with a toy I am preatty sure that you have lost your mind not your toy !!! Idiot !!!

  5. Joe that’s quite insensitive what if your country lost as much as Hungary did and it wasn’t even your countries fault? Yes you are right to say work on the future because dwelling on the past doesn’t help. However Hungarians should never forget how they got cheated. Until you are Hungarian you should keep your comments to yourself and mind your business,

  6. Joe,
    Leave no men behind!
    They are Hungarians as well, we have to take care of each other, because no one else will.

    Best regards,
    The Hungarians

  7. Joe Miano, I wonder if your attitude toward the plight of the Hungarians who lost their homeland would be different if it was YOU who suddenly became the member of another state.
    And remember, the only reason AUSTRIA-HUNGARY started that war was because of the assassination of one of our own people. Show some respect.

  8. So, 93.030 km2 – 7.600.000 Hungarian
    102.181 km2 – 1.704.000 Hungarian something tells me that the hungarians were not the majority of that region, more like they took it from someone

  9. Joe, bet your advice to the Armenians after the genocide by the Turks would be “get over it, they’re dead now so justice doesn’t matter!” Joker!

  10. Joe, bet your advice to the Armenians after the genocide by the Turks would be “get over it, they’re dead now so justice doesn’t matter!” You’re a joker mate!

  11. Those were hungarian territories,of course. The other nations around made a fake history,to be appeared as rightful owners. Hungary was a wonderful and strong power,who protected Europe from the Osman Empire. Whole Europe supposed to be grateful for that. Also, the west made a fake history from us,and no one knows our history or origin. Sadly,really sadly an average european citizen thinks that we are also slavians,however we are not that,as not the spanish or british people. We are even not related to finns….

    I love you Hungary,and children of Attila.

  12. Dear joe miano
    I would just inform you that those territories were not Austrians or part of the so-called Austro-Hungarian Empire. They were more than a thousand years Hungarians, and were won by the blood and sweat of our ancestors.
    And only thanks to this country today if the Europeans do not go into a mosque west of 2 times a day and dress burqa.
    we did from the wall to the Ottoman Empire, while that in Europe there was disorder both military and social, if we did them pass as there was often proposed by several sultans … hardly believe that today would be so l ‘europe.
    This was the thanks of Europe for not letting Muslims to invade.
    And today I read these dirty words you spoke to a shameful happened in history …
    I wish you nothing but the best, and to inform andarti things through before contexts with this arrogant tone.
    Regards, Erik.

  13. To TA, bear in mind that Translivania is mostly mountains, as part of the Alps it is not so surprising that on such a big area so few Hungarians live. There are Romanians too but a lot less.
    To Ana, I have read my history and can assure you that those territories were part of Hungary long before the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
    To Joe, I can’t even think how to respond to your utter rubbish. Why don’t you tell the Jewish people that while Auschwitz was a tragedy, just forget about it and get over it… You must be immensly immature, maybe a teenager who knows everything, as you certainly act like one. Hungary was carved up by the Western powers because they were afraid of it. They should have been grateful instead for us stopping the Ottoman Empire from reaching them. However what do you expect from the West, they even re-wrote history in order to supress our nation. However not all is lost. There are people who won’t stop looking for the truth….

  14. To people like Joe Miano and Ana, you are examples of insensitivity and bigotry. You clearly have no idea how much this affected a nation of people for almost 100 years now. Its not about reveling in loses or losing “our toys”, its about the fact that after 1000 years of Hungarian settlement and countless generations of families and countless accomplishments in the arts and sciences, that we as a nation of people get hassled to believe our history is not important.

    You say “get over it”, but did your great grandfather get his lands and home stripped away from him and given to another countries mass wealth and property? He and generations before him worked hard their entire lives to gain what they had, and you say “get over it”.

    Germany and its satellite Austria, who was the head of the axis powers didnt get 2/3rds of their nation and people taken away from them. Can someone explain that?

    And as someone else said before, imagine telling the Armenians to “get over” the fact that Turkey committed Genocide on its people. We are in the 21st century now, insensitivity and “Your history is not important” type behavior doesn’t run smoothly. While what happened to the Hungarians wasn’t genocide, in a way it was the death of a national identity and unity.

    I’d like to also address the mainland Hungarians. Treat fellow Hungarians alike, whether coming from the countries now known as Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, or Croatia. We need to stick together and believe in our national identity that existed and should exist in the present day. No one else is going to do that for you.

    Good things never come out of wars, and the road to healing is always a long one. But it feels like Hungarians still haven’t fixed the patches and need to bring more understanding into the world about this issue.


  15. I live in transilvania and i m romanian and what i can tell you is that you hungarians say that the history is fake than why the vaste majorities are romanians in transilvania ???is beacause after 400 years of ocupation of wild mongolians tribes transilvania commeback where it belongs 🙂 peace

  16. I bet those other countries that received land are soooo upset they are not under the rule of the mighty orban viktor!!!!!
    You lost get over it move on. It’s like giving the World Cup to the loser

  17. Before Trianon it was a monarchy based on personal union of nations, so no Hungary as a state within those border existed. After National democratic states emerged and now with EU we are going toward supranational state. Other nations where in Austro-hungarian monarchy, because it was a monarchy. When the monarchy braked down, a new system of national states emerged and they would not stayed under Hungarian state government. Hungarian signed 1918 ceased fire agreement with surrounding nations, and part of Transilvania, Slovakia, South Slavic lands formed a new states. Also some there was referendum in some region, like Međimurje that decided to go with “Yugoslavia”. Later 1920 Trianon, resolved other “territories”.

    Your lies are that Hungary (which did not exist as such) lost 2/3 of territory and people. That is absolute non-sense, e.g. Croatia was never part of Hungary,and you are putting it in your “lost” map. 2/3 of population- you are counting every other nations from those territories, that is absurd.

    After 1. st and second war, when kingdoms became nations, or borders were drawn also other regions were resettle to other nations, but you do not hear Austria, Germany or Finland etc. to have same narrative as Hungary.
    Do not live in past (which never punctually existed) Hungary, and move forward.

  18. Those were all hungayan territories. Hungaryans settled into the Carpathian territory in 895-900 and officially declared the hungaryan state in 1.000

    It is true that hungaryans were not in the majority in those territories but it’s still remorseful what happened.

    Me as a romanian citizen I am struggling for my identity. In romania I am a hungarian, they call us bozgor(a man with no home), but if I go travel to hungary, well I am a romanian gipsy there.

  19. All those who attack any revision has their interest burried into political or territorial reasons. Only those and their brain washed children dare to attack Trianon questionnaires, those who had no country before Trianon, but a minority group or tribe and these people scared to loose their newly invented country.

  20. Nevertheless, Hungary recognized Kosovo which was taken form Serbia by force. This is what I call the hypocrisy.

  21. Vas you clown, 80 percent of the people living in Transylvania classifies themselves as Hungarians, and for you other bunch of c..nts, slovakians, Romanians and so and so, you are currently living on STOLEN LAND, and all of you pretentious Western European “civilisation” who knows all about what is like to take a big chunk out of your country, for you I tip my hat because ignorance is a blessing, so please do stay ignorant in your comfortable western way of living, and just ignore the problems of the world, you are rather good at it, always have been.

  22. The Treaty of Trianon ensured that the new Hungary would have a minimal growth in her economic clout. This was, in fact, a deliberate policy. All the treaties signed by the defeated nations had at their core a desire to ensure that none of the Central Powers could ever become a threat to European peace again. Ironically, the unemployment that impacted Hungary in the interwar years was a primary reason for her association with Nazi Germany

  23. Folks this is a tremendously emotional issue (rightfully so) for those of us it affected. The rest of the world – either 1) did not learn history 2) was taught history twisted to suit other purposes 3) would prefer the attention being paid on their losses 4) simply arrogant [email protected]@holes who are not worth even to respond to.

    If there is a tragedy that SHOULD NEVER BE FORGOTTEN – it is Trianon. If Orban thinks that he needs to make nice with folks who don’t have much better intentions toward us even today – we’ll need to gently bring it to his attention. He is the best hope this country had for a long time – but even he is not perfect. Indeed, as none of us are. 🙂

  24. Treaty of Trianon was too gentle with Hungary. Thousands of people have died from their fault in the occupied territories. Hungary has one remaining power, words. Fortunately, no one listens.
    God, takes care of everything. HE already saved others with Trianon.

  25. Ella,
    You hold the reins very well in this matter.

    In general, i enjoy reading everyone’s opinion of what a Hungarian or proper “Magyar” is. Unless you are one, you probably didn’t have any interest or knowledge and most likely still dont and never will. A Hungarian is not a group that showed up one day and said, Oh look, lets start a country. They were separated tribes that travelled parts of Africa, Middle East and out into the orient as well as to the northern Lapps. About a 1000 years ago, they came from many directions and met in what is today Hungary. A little smaller, but bolder, smarter and at the top, remember and embrace it’s people from it’s scattered borders, globally. Yes, Hungary was formed by at least 7 tribes who all spoke the same language. If at all your indoubt as a Hungarian, guess who’s got the lowest unemployment in the EU today and getting better. Nay sayer’s enjoy your own country, we’ll deal with the more cosmopolitan bunch and take care or our own.

  26. On 4 July 1920 – How many Romanians and other ethnics lived in Transilvania and how many Hungarians ?


    Fényes Elek, a 19th-century Hungarian statistician, estimated in 1842 that in the population of Transylvania for the years 1830-1840 the majority were 62.3% Romanians and 23.3% Hungarians.

  27. Hungary was established in year 1000 and by today’s history it is one of the oldest countries in Europe ( romanians did not even have a name for themselves , they were called Wallachians back then , with a mental case call vlad or Dracula ruling over them …) but even before that the first wave of Hungarians arrived with Attila the Hun which was in 400’s something … after that it was the second wave in 800’s and as I said at the start the big Hungary got established together with Catholic Church at the helm in year 1000 now that Hungarian king ( ISTVAN) did spare a lot of nations inside Hungary’s borders then, but I think he made a big mistake … He should have executed all of them and today we wouldn’t have any arguments with these disrespectful idiots and inventors of their own righteous untrue revisionist history .

  28. A thousand years of nation buildingsuccessfully delineated groups based on culture, religion, geography, and other attributes to create the countries with which we are so familiar. While some Western European nations would continue power struggles and princely battles and civil wars, Hungary, founded in 896, was a peaceful multi-ethnic state for over 1100 years and her borders were virtually unchanged…. Until 1920.

    “The greatest catastrophe to have befallen Hungary since the battle of Mohacs in 1526,” the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, was extremely harsh on Hungary and unjustifiably one-sided. The resulting “treaty” cost Hungary an unprecedented 2/3 of her territory, and 1/2 of her total population or 1/3 of her ethnic-Hungarian population. Add to this the loss of all her seaports, up to 90% of her vast natural resources, industry, railways, and other infrastructure. Millions of Hungarians saw borders arbitrarily redrawn around them, without plebiscites, ignoring President Wilson’s lofty goal of national self-determination. The absurd treaty ignored a millenia of nation building and age-old cultural affiliations, created arbitrary borders and new countries, and created millions of new minorities who today struggle for survival of the ethnic identity. Western powers, primarily Britain and France, refused to re-visit the disaster they created at Versailles and led us into another great war. Two of the three newly created countries carved out of Hungarian territory no longer exist. The “Slovakia” (formerly Upper Hungary) part of Czechoslovakia split with the Czech Republic while “Yugoslavia” suffered from tragic civil war and the ravages of ethnic cleansing.

    “Just get over it”
    Many in Europe, especially those that caused this mess, prefer the status quo and are very uncomfortable with the treaty’s implications today and refuse to tackle some very real current issues. They are quick to dismiss Trianon and recommend to those that call attention to its lingering affects to “get over it.” In Communist Hungary, Trianon and the issue of mistreatment of Hungarians across the borders in the perfect “Socialist brotherhood of nations” was taboo. Decades of ignoring these issues has created a pressure cooker and feeds radicalism. They must be dealt with. Since 1989 and the fall of Communism, more attention has been paid to the Hungarian diaspora. Sadly, the affects of this dictat are felt strongly today throughout the region. Hungarian populations continue to decline significantly after forced removals such as theBenes Decrees and other pograms. Continued pressure and discriminative policies such as the2009 Slovak Language Law, the Slovak Citizenship Act, which are being used to stop the use of Hungarian language and to strip Hungarians of their citizenship and status in Slovakia are today’s reality. Violence and vandalism in Transcarpathia(Ukraine), and gerrymandering and other discriminatory practices in Romania and Serbiadirected at ethnic Hungarian communities teach us that Trianon’s effects are still felt strongly today. The American Hungarian Federation has been a long advocate of human and minority rights for all peoples of the Carpathian Basin. We call on all those who share a love for democracy and human rights to help these communities not just survive, but determine their own destinies and flourish in a Europe free from fear and discrimination.

    The United States never ratified this treaty. At the time President Wilson said: “The proposal to dismember Hungary is absurd” and later Sir Winston Churchill said: “Ancient poets and theologians could not imagine such suffering, which Trianon brought to the innocent.” Others warned that a weakened, dismembered Hungary would lead to a weak, fragmented Central Europe unable to resist Soviet expansionism. We are sad to report that they were all right.

  29. What is happening in Europe, especially Western Europe, they deserve it. We The Hungarians were, ‘we’re’ A THREAT. The Trianon made sure as a Nation we would be stopped in OUR tracks of becoming one of the Greatest Country.
    Noticed also that in the Media the TRUE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY BEING CHANGED, WRITTEN OFF.

  30. The reason the Hungarian, Change and Shekels population was low compared to the Wallachian and Moldavia is easily answered. The two principalities were not involved as much in the defence of Europe against the Ottoman Turk, nor did not participate in the defence of Hungarian territories in times of war. The Slovaks, Romanians were fortunate to not have to continuously battle for their survival. The low population numbers of Hungarians in Voivodina, the Bacska is realized after the Mongol invasion and also the giving of sanctuary to the Serbians after they lost Kosovo. The Hapsburg also pushed through their policies to deny Hungarians the right to return to their lands and laid plans for the Slavic peoples to settlet that way creating a cosmopolitan region rather than a singular Hungarian region.
    Those who continually condemn Hungary and Hungarians have been weaned by the statements and policies of the Hapsburg. That family alone, has done more to upset and create hostilities between Hungary and it’s neighbours.
    Remember who is responsible for the 1848 Revolutions and the First World War. Hungary did not want either, yet the Haspsburgs were in a euphoria instigating both.

  31. Most of the people commenting here have no clue about what they are talking. Scientific history here is not the main issue that is countered, but what prevails is a discussion based on emotional train of thoughts.

    Hungarians today consider that the ‘untimely’ demise of the Kingdom of Hungary, or of Austria-Hungary was an injustice. Of course, they do not consider an injustice the fact that they enforced control like in a military dictatoship over lands that were not theirs and were not even inhabited in majority by Hungarians. With the exception of the territory Hungary is not located, the rest were never inhabited by Hungarians in majority. Medieval Hungarians simply did not have the numbers to populate such a vast land. And this is what even Hungarians historians agree upon.

    People here also blame the Habsburg house for instigating the 1848 counter-revolution against Hungary. But the one who was at fault was Kossuth Lajos, who refused to give full rights and liberty to minorities and opted for a gradual magyarization. He himself said that the fate of the minorities (who he considers as much of a threat as the Austrians) is to become fully magyar. So no, the Habsburgs did not instigate anyone, Hungarians themselves had a beef with the minorities, and instead of hearing their pleas and wishes, prefered to wage war against them. Austria only took advantage of the narrow-minded political choices the Hungarian elite took back then. Also, I need to remind Hungarians that the minorities in 1848 did not want independence, unifications and stuff like that. They wanted the same status as all the other people. They wanted to be equal in rights and in obligations. They asked too much, right?

    Now I see Hungarians crying about how much the new-found states discriminate the Hungarians. Taking into consideration the fact that the situation now is 100 times better than the relentless magyarization of post-1867 Hungary, Hungarians are basicaly in the position the minorities were before Trianon. A wise man says, ‘what comes around goes around’ or ‘you give as good as you get’. For decades and decades the minorities petitioned and struggled to be recognized and have equal rights. Yet Hungarians never bothered to hear them until the glass was filled and there was no trust left between both sides. How can you coexist in the same country without mutual trust?

    In Romanian history, Austria is seen more as a benevolent country than Hungary. Why? Because the Empress Maria Theresa and his son, Joseph granted them some rights, abolished serfdom and gave a level of political power to Romanians, something that Hungarians opposed. After 1848, thanks to the resistence of Avram Iancu in the Apuseni Mountains, Romanians gained seats in the Transylvanian Diet thanks to the Habsburg crown. Joseph, in Romanian historiography is seen as ‘the good king’. So why should Romanians feel indebted to Hungarians when Hungarians were always in obstacle in their struggle for national cohesion and identity.

    From my point of view, lamenting Trianon is the poorest decision Hungary could take. Because Trianon is just the ending line of the disastruous political decisions taken by the Hungarian leader and their anti-minority stances. There is a reason why all minorities wanted nothing to do with you. If it was 1 or 2, I would agree that the situation is debateable, but when all of them opted to separate from you, then it is clear that there is something wrong with you. Hungary hasn’t learned even today, almost 100 years after Trianon, that it is not Trianon that brought the end of that annachronistic construction, it is the decisions of their political leaders, a lot of them supported by the population as well. Now that the tables have turned, of course Hungarians do not like it. The minorities did not like their status either. You see, history always reserves the right to pay you back in full. Its just that the paycheck arrived very late for Hungary and the penalties have gathered.

  32. Most of you don’t know beens about Hungary, let alone understand the problem hte Treaty of Trianon created. Acualy it was not a treaty but a “dictatum,” the Allied demanding no less that the genocide of Hungarians! This they did. In the aftermat all of the newly created states did not even live up to the terms of this treaty. Once Yougoslavia broke up, Chechoslovakia broke up and the lands now under Ukranian control…the Treaty became null and void. ALL THE LANDS SHOULD HAVE BEEN REPATRIATED TO THE PRESENT STATE OF HUNGARY!

    This Treaty we do and must continue to demand to be null and void! There will be no justice in the world, and the Allied countries who fabricated this discusting abominatison of a land grab remain in violation of human rights, and should pay reparation of a magnitude unheard of in the history of mankind.

    Let’s just imagine what could happen to England, France, the Unites States, and Romania…if the same fate should fall onto their shoulders! Think about that, and then come and say that Hungary deserved what it was given by the punishers, who ignored ethnic boundaries, historical land rigths, and human rights!

  33. Another guy that knows nothing about history and international right. First of all, the order of the Versailles treaties was no longer in function by 1939. The borders that remained untouched from 1945 until 1990 was the result of the Paris treaty. Indeed, Yugoslavia does not exist and Czechoslovakia also. But what did Hungary do? It recognized the resulting states and has signed treaties that recognizes the current borders (you need to sign a treaty to claim that you have no territorial claims to enter EU and NATO). So no. Trianon is no longer in function. But the WW2 order is and the modifications that emerged after 1989 which Hungary fully recognized.

    Hungary deserved what happened to her in 1920. It is the paycheck after 50 years of brutal anti-minority policies, with very few rivals in history. You basicaly lit the fire of you Kingdom’s demise. So stop blaming others for the stupid decisions your leaders too and the population supported. In your minds, you never even tried to understand the minorities and their pleas, instead you opted to discriminate them and to force them to accept magyarization. Also, you should come to terms with the self-determination principle.

  34. @Herald
    The only ’emotional train of thoughts’, is coming out of your people trashing writings. If you new anything about the history of ‘Hungarians’, you would know who and what they occupied. You would know where the last couple tribes came from in the jiberish your profess, but haven’t a clue about the 7000ad accupation that also fed India, Iran, Turk and lately Europe. Keep spreading the trash you write. While there are 2 of you doing so, there are 10 of us around you a lot smarter and wiser. Maybe you should try taking up a job as a lobbist as you spread the stuff pretty wide, sure you’ll find people in the French or Austrian liberal governements that will listen to you. By the way, how are the migrant econo-tourists treating you? Have they raped anyone you know?????

  35. In July 1849, the Hungarian Revolutionary Parliament proclaimed and enacted the first laws on ethnic and minority rights in the world. It gave minorities the freedom to use their mothertongue at local administration, at tribunals, in schools, in community life and even within the national guard of non-Magyar councils. However these laws were overturned after the united Russian and Austrian armies crushed the Hungarian Revolution. After the Kingdom of Hungary reached the Compromise with the Habsburg Dynasty in 1867, one of the first acts of its restored Parliament was to pass a Law on Nationalities (Act Number XLIV of 1868).

    The situation of minorities in Hungary were much more better than in contemporary pre WW1 Europe. Other highly multiethnic /multinational countries were: France Russia and UK.

    See the multi-national UK:

    The situation of Scottish Irish Welsh people in “Britain” during the English hegemony is well known. They utmost forgot their original language, only english language cultural educational institutions existed. The only language was English in judiciary procedures and in offices and public administrations. It was not a real “United” Kingdom, it was rather a greater England.

    See the multiethnic France:

    In 1870, France was a similar-degree multi-ethnic state as Hungary, only 50% of the population of France spoke the French language as mothertongue. The other half of the population spoke Occitan, Catalan, Corsican, Alsatian, West Flemish, Lorraine Franconian, Gallo, Picard or Ch’timi and Arpitan etc… Many minority languages were closer to spanish or Italian language than French) French governments banned minority language schools , minority language newspapers minority theaters. They banned the usage of minority languages in offices , public administration, and judiciary procedures. The ratio of french mothertongue increased from 50% to 91% during the 1870-1910 period!!!

    The situation in German Empire was well known (Polish territories)

    What about Russia?

    Russian Empire was even more multiethnic state than Hungary (60% of the population was non-russian), without the existence of minority rights. The forced russification is also well known

    Just look the contemporary pre WW1-era Europe:
    Magyarization was not so Harsh as western European situation, because the minorities were defended by minority rights and laws. Contemporary Western Europe did not know the minority rights, therefore they covered up their minorities. Were there state sponsored minority schools in Western European countries? NO. How many official languages existed in Western-European states? Only 1 official language! Could minorities use their languages in the offices of public administration in self-governments , in tribunals in Western Europe? No, they couldn’t. What about minority newspapers? etc.. etc…

  36. Culturally, both islam and the semi-asian orthodox countries were traditionally west-hater civilizations. Hungary is a Central European country, and part of the Catholic-
    Protestant western civilization. Hungary is not Eastern European (Orthodox = semi-asian culture) country.


    What is Western Civilization?
    The earliest mention of Western civilization “Occidental civilis”
    After the Great Schism (The East-West Schism /formally in 1054/, between Western Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christianity.) Hungary determined itself as the easternmost bastion of Western civilisation (This statement was affirmed later by Pope Pius II who wrote that to Emperor Friedrich III, “Hungary is the shield of Christianity and the protector of Western civilization”)

    It is not a secret in history, that countries civilizations are/were not in the same level of development.
    It is well-known that Western and Central Europe, ( the so-called Western civilization) was always more developed than Orthodox Slavic or Eastern European civilization.
    The cultural the societal-system and the economical civilizational (and technological) differences between Orthodox countries and Western Christian (Catholic-Protestant) countries were similar great, as the differences between Northern America (USA Canada) and Southern- (Latino) America.

    Western things which were not existed in orthodox world:

    1. POLITICAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL development: Medieval appearance of parliaments (a legislative body(!), DO NOT CONFUSE with the “councils of monarchs” which existed since the beginning of human history), the estates of the realm, the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners,

    2. SELF GOVERNMENT status of big royal/imperial cities, (local government systems of cities), which are the direct ancestors of modern self/local governmental systems.

    3. ECONOMY: The medieval appearance of banking systems and social effects and status of urban bourgeoisie, the absolute dominance of money-economy (when the vast majority of trade based on money and the taxes customs duties were collected in money) from the 12th -13th century, instead of the former primitive bartel-based commerce (barter dominated the economies orthodox world until the 17-18th centuries.)

    4. HIGHER EDUCATION: The medieval appearance of universities and the medieval appearance of secular intellectuals,

    5. CULTURE: Knights, the knight-culture, chivalric code, (and the technological effects of crusades from the Holy Land,)
    Music and literature: courtly love, troubadours, Gregorian chant, Ars nova, Organum, Motet, Madrigal, Canon and Ballata, Liturgical drama, Novellas,
    medieval western THEATER: Mystery or cycle plays, morality and passion plays, which developed into the renaissance theater, the direct ancestor of modern theaters.
    Philosophy: Scholasticism and humanist philosophy,

    6. The medieval usage of Latin alphabet and medieval spread of movable type printing,

    7. TECHNOLOGY: The guild system is an association of artisans or merchants, which organized the training education, and directed master’s exam system for artisians. Due to the compulsory foreign studies of the artisian master’s candidates, the guilds played key role in the fast spread of technologies and industrial knowledge in the medieval Western World.

    8. The defence systems & fortifications: The spread of stone/brick castle defense -systems, the town-walls of western cities from the 11th century. (In the orthodox world, only the capital cities had such a walls . The countries of the Balkan region and the territory of Russian states fell under Ottoman/Mongolian rule very rapidly – with a
    single decesive open-field battle – due to the lack of the networks of stone/brick castles and fortresses in these countries. The only exception was the greek inhabited Byzantine territories which were well fortified.)

    9. FINEARTS and ARCHITECTURE: western architecture, sculpture paintings and fine-arts: the Romanesque style, the Gothic style and the Renaissance style.
    The orthodox church buildings and „palaces(?)” were very little, they had primitive structure and poor decorations, their style were influenced by non-European arabic and persian influenced Byzantine ornamentics.

    10.The renaissance & humanism , the reformation and the enlightenment did not influenced/affected the Orthodox (Eastern European) countries.
    Before 1870, the industrialization that had developed in Western and Central Europe and the United States did not extend in any significant way to the rest of the world. In
    Eastern Europe, industrialization lagged far behind, and started only in the 20th century. Their infrastructural and economic development was also very very slow, and many determinant factors of modern civilization – as we called them as civilized way of life – (railways, the electrification of cities, drain & sewer systems, water pipe systems, spread of tap water and bathrooms, telecommuncations etc… spread many many decades (60-80 years) later. It is no wonder that their contribution in science technology and innovations are completely negligible in Human history by the WESTERN standards.

  37. Hungarians are genetically more european than most slavic speaking people (who contain more Asian mongoloid Y and mt.DNA haplogroup markers), but all Northern Germanic nations (incl. Northern Germany too) have higher ratio of Mongoloid haplogroup markers . See the ratio of Central Asian haplogroup „Q” and the other mongoloid haplogroup marker „N” (aka. N1C1) markers in the largest genetic database and CHART of European nations:

    And see the high ratio of middle-eastern haplogroup markers (various „J”) and african negroid (E1b1) in all balkan populations (inc. Romania). De facto, these nations populations genetically are less European than Hungarians.

    Map about the genetic distance of European nations

    The autosomal DNA TEST of European nations (genetic distance between European populations):

    Do not forget that vast majority of balkan population is not only genetically but anthropogically less white (average darker eye and hair color, skin tone) so-called „WOG” people.

    Just type in google image searcher: „eye color map” , „hair color map”.

    Skin tone map:

    Hair color map

    Eye color map:

  38. @Real
    You did a lot of work here, i like many couldn’t put into words like you did. We salute you, DR. Real, Thank you.

    P.S. – Many idiots don’t realize you can’t trace origins by language, but only DNA. HUN’s did speak Chinese, but were genetically not the nice Chinese folk ever as for they spoke HINDI, but they had no DNA resemblance to the nice Indian folk either.

  39. Hungary,Poland,Slovakia,Rumenia,Czech Rep ,Slovenia are countries united by everything apart from history and language.
    Hungary is going to play a major role if it trusts the future.

  40. Fck Romania their whores of Europe. As for Slovaks and checks and szerbs .they can all go back and Fck sheep in the mountains. Hungary will get her land back and all non Hungarians welcome to leave. If they stay they can live in peace or die. And hungarians been in Europe not 1000 or 1600 but over 40,000 thousand years. Thank for all those who are too ignorant too fckn bad.

  41. Laszlo u will be fck ed first. Hungary will never regain anything. Even Kossuth was Slovak and Petofi croat. And Sige of Eger was fought by foreign mercenaries, Turks defeated by Poles. Even Franz Ferdinand hated Magyars pity he was killed by Serbian bandits.

  42. Gott erhalte Franz Kaiser you know nothing about Hungarian history. Your Kaiser family is just another sick bunch of inbreds.


    Thank you, Ms. BEATRIX BUDAHAZI for your most informative and learned explanation for all of us but especially for some of the insensitive, ignorant, and outrightly cruel commentators on this board.

    I wonder how Americans would feel if, not now, when our country is a wee little 240 years old but 700 years from now when it is roughly 1,000 years old, they were to awake one morning to realize that 2/3 of them were NO LONGER “AMERICAN,” no loner citizens of the U.S.A. Instead, still right there in their Benetton PJs, amidst their Laura Ashley sheets, within the bedroom of their New England houses or Miami houses, they were Norwegian, Mexican, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese, PROHIBITED from SPEAKING the ENGLISH language under penalty of law, prohibited from voting, prohibited from attending school, even prohibited from working; in short, prohibited from doing everything that would enable them to live, let alone to pursue life, liberty or happiness… for the “idea” would be to allow them only “to be, to exist” and thereby force them to LEAVE their “new countries,” leaving their possessions and the valuable properties of their forefathers behind. For, unless they had large amounts of the “foreign” currency of the country they now awoke in, they would not even have the means to move their belongings to one of the “states” that is still considered the U.S. And, certainly neither the new governments nor the adversary inhabitants of the foreign countries in which they found themselves were about to buy their possessions for fair prices. Why would they?… when all they had to do was to wait long enough until these former U.S. citizens simply starved to death.

    The official United States of America would now consist of ONLY Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, all landlocked states. That’s it… THAT is “Little U.S.A.” as it will become known among those “lucky” enough to have remained within its newly and arbitrarily borders, redrawn by a meager handful of European statesmen.

    If your brother lived in what had been California, your sister in what just last night had been New York, and your aunt in what was New Mexico, you can assuredly forget about seeing them again, as you now live under a DICTATORSHIP wherein special visas are required for your travel “abroad” to those places. And, naturally, if you owned businesses or properties in the states not within the aforementioned list, your possessions no longer belonged to you but to the many newly-created “countries,” as did the money you might have had in their now “foreign” banks.

    Naturally, you can forget about seeing the OCEAN ever again or at least for a long long LONG time, since visas are hard to get and are never given to more than ONE member of a family at the same time. Never again would an “AMERICAN” FAMILY vacation by the seashore together… well, not for roughly 70 years, when the current dictatorship were to have fallen, by which time your family and friends of its generation would have been long dead.

    THIS state of affairs has gone on for the Hungarian diaspora living in the countries surrounding “Little Hungary” for NEARLY 100 YEARS now… and it continues in many forms to this very moment.

    If what the Trianon Treaty did was NOT a new, covert, BLOODLESS and disguised form of GENOCIDE, then there is no such thing as genocide. Because to divide a country, to separate families, to strip millions of people (over 2/3 of the country’s population) of their wealth, property, POSSESSIONS, of their IDENTITY, CULTURE and their LANGUAGE, FAMILY, ETHNICITY, EDUCATION, their PERMISSION TO WORK (of livelihood itself) and ALL HOPE of prosperity, not to mention the country’s seaports, its viability, IS TO ANNIHILATE A PEOPLE.

    And, yes, countless hundreds of thousands DIED physically as well as emotionally, given that they had no way to make a living, lost the land their families had worked and lived on for 100, 200, 300, 400, 500+ years, ended up starving to death.. Additionally, I am certain that countless hundreds of thousands also committed suicide, given their horrific and impossible fate. (It is not for no reason that Hungary has had the distinction of having the highest suicide rate for countless decades.)

    There is more than one way to commit genocide… and the Trianon Treaty was by far the most brilliant of them all.

  44. This is what happens when you don’t finish your job. After Trianon, Hungary should have been dissolved. No more cry babies hungaryans.

  45. My dear Hungarians;
    You have a great country, but you can also be great too.
    Trianon was the outcome which Kossuth has warned in his “Cassandra Letter”, you stayed in the losing side of the war and you lost. Today you have unique conditions to heal some wounds due to the European Union, see the Austrians with South Tyrol, for example. You can win Trianon in the inside, see what the Danes did after the 1864 war, when losing the Schleswig-Holstein area. Become great inside and you will beat the Trianon ghost:

    “with the loss of the duchies, Denmark had become smaller than ever. From this
    nadir the work of national regeneration started with the motto ‘outward losses
    must be compensated by inward gains’.

    Become great, you have the Know-How, the survival skills, a country and a culture which are unique in Europe. Move on.

  46. Bruno, just shut up. Unless you suffered under communist oppression and lost your home and family to genocide, your words are worthless. What country in the modern world other than Hungary lost seventy percent of their land by the hands of an evil one world government? As far as I’m concerned, everyone involved with the league of nations and their children can die of rectal cancer. “Move on”? You are such an a-hole.

  47. Transylvania was populated by the Vlachs at the time of the Hungarian conquest.[19 Opponents of this theory assert that Transylvania was sparsely inhabited by peoples of Slavic origin and Turkic people.[20] The year of the conquest of Transylvania is unknown; the earliest Magyar artifacts found in the region date to the first half of the 10th century. A coin minted under Berthold, Duke of Bavaria found near Turda indicates that Transylvanian Magyars participated in western military campaigns.[22] Although their defeat in the 955 Battle of Lechfeld ended Magyar raids against western Europe,

  48. The wright habitants of Hungary

    The Tigani are the major population of today Hungary. They should claim the Romani to be the main official language in today Hungary and change the name of the country in Gypsyland.
    The Professor of History.

  49. “Professor”, Eh!

    Idiot! Is more like it… Claiming the to know anything about Hungarian history, you would know that Magyars today are really not one tribe. Go to Hero square if you even know what that is and learn something before you go shooting off with your Roma-Indo beggar thief roots…..St. Stephen should have let you ungrateful protest Gypsy idiots get wiped from the planet when the Greeks and Romans were doing a fine job at it!! Go check that history out, don’t worry your not out of the woods yet. You pissed Putyin off good, so did Turkey, watch your backs….. 😉

  50. @Non hungarian Transylvanian

    I guess your gypsy history books only go back as far as 400 yrs before the pages get ripped out and sold as fire-starter material for your stoves. People of slavic origin yes occupied much of europe, no question. Turkic, and Bulgar are closely related to Magyars and occupied the carpathian basin for over 1000 yrs, and 30,000 yrs, crossed it. Vlachs are total minorities that al most ceased to exist because a Hungarian King felt sorry for them and is now rolling in his grave in disgust from the crap coming from your kind. Oh well, in the future we can say that history in this case will definately not repeat itself.

  51. Response to: THE HERALD

    Please, would you so kindly tell the true history of Hungary and NOT ONLY repeat her enemies’ propaganda.
    If the Hungarians would have been for not less than 700 years so tyrannical oppressors with their minority subjects, in 1920 there had not been Trianon.

    Respuesta a : The Herald

    Por favor, podría ser tan amable decir la verdadera historia de Hungría y NO SOLAMENTE repetir la propaganda de sus enemigos.
    Sí por más de 700 años los húngaros habrían sido los húngaros un tan tiránico opresores de sus minoría súbditos, en 1920 no habría habido Trianon.

    Legyen szives Magyarország igazi történetét mondani és nem csak ismételni az ellenségei propagandáit. Ha a magyarok több mint 700 éven át a kissebségi alantvalóikatt olyan tiránikus elnyomásaltt tartották volna, 1920-ban nem lett volna Trianon.

  52. I read some of the stuff on here.
    All I can say, that some of you commenting here, never lived in areas that was taken away from hungry.
    The world punished innocent Hungarians.
    So, FU all…
    I think Hungry should grow some balls, and demand it’s territories back with compensation….

    I think all Hungarians around the world should push Hungry to do something about it, or at least try…..

    Common Hungry, don’t be a chicken….

  53. I have to laugh when i read some of these responses “get over it” or “Transylvania was Romanian” and other similar bullshit. You Romanians not only stole land from Hungary (land that was ours for at least a 1000 years! Possibly longer) but have the odacity to come here and tell us how we have to feel and think? You know, i have family still living in Transylvania and know how cruel and despecabke you behave towards them! Enjoy Transylvania while you can, because it won’t belong to you forever. Remember this, all good things come to an end!

    Another thing; the region of Central-Eastern Europe flourished under Hungarian, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire. What have YOU done for Europe? Because all i can think, when Romania’s name comes up anywhere, is poverty, babies locked in foster homes among attrocious conditions, or stealing in England and all over Europe that Romanian citicens commit.
    You may have ended up with Transylvania, but what have you done with it? You just made it as bad as it never was before, certainly nothing like when it was part of Hungary! That beutiful region is a wasted on you useless pigs!

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