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Mno.hu reports on the incidents happening on Sunday in the city of Salisbury with the former Russian spy and his daughter. The poisoning, considered to be a murder attempt, was found to be done with a nerve agent poison, due to which the unconscious people involved were hospitalised. Here are the latest information about the incident involving a Hungarian doctor’s point of view.

According to the latest information broadcast in English news, but not yet confirmed by local authorities, 3 people, Sergei Skripal (66), his daughter Yulia (33) and a police officer, the first person to arrive on the scene, have been in the hospital since Sunday. Sergei Skripal is a former military intelligence agent of the Russian forces working as a double agent for the British Intelligence Agency for 10 years.

During his service, he identified a number of Russian agents working in Western Europe. He was sentenced to jail for 13 years in Russia, but in 2010, during the Russian-American spy swap, he could leave Russia and settle down in Great-Britain.

László Závori, a Hungarian doctor, has been working in the Salisbury Hospital since 2014 and was on duty when the incident happened. As he recalls, he was at the end of his duty when the local ambulance alerted them that they were on the way to the hospital with a seriously-injured woman.

However, as the doctor mentions, surprisingly, not one but two patients were taken to the emergency unit, and it was obvious from the very beginning that some kind of substance took effect in their case. The police officer also involved in the incident was not taken to the hospital together with the father and daughter, and the doctors working in the institution did not know that others were also involved in the incident.

As László continues, they did not know that the patients were father and daughter. He mainly treated the woman, but he was in contact with his colleagues treating the man. After a thorough examination, it turned out that the patients were affected by a nerve agent poison that is a toxic chemical attacking the nervous system. It can be easily absorbed even through the nose or the mouth, and this is what possibly led to the sickness of the policeman.

As far as the general atmosphere is concerned, the Hungarian doctor says that everything goes as it should go. He himself is not afraid of being in Salisbury, and what he perceives is that locals are more interested in than terrified about the incident.

The Counterterrorism Security Group informed locals that for some time, experts wearing protective gear are expected in the town. This is all done as a precaution, and they hope that this will not terrify locals. Furthermore, they ask people being in the area where the incident happened to help if they saw or heard something suspicious that is relevant to the investigation.

Featured image: youtube/Fox News

Source: mno.hu; news.sky.com

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