Pécs smog air pollution
Pécs, 2018. október 16. Szmogos levegõ Pécs felett 2018. október 16-án. MTI Fotó: Sóki Tamás

The air quality in the cities of Dunaújváros and Kecskemét and the town of Sajószentpéter has deteriorated to unhealthy levels, Hungary’s national environmental health institute (OKI) said on Saturday.

In several other cities and towns — in Budapest, Debrecen, Dorog, Miskolc, Nyíregyháza, Sopron, Székesfehérvár, Szolnok and Szombathely, among others — concentrations of particulate matter (PM10) in the air exceed what is considered to be a safe level, OKI said.

The institute said on Friday that PM10 concentrations in those cities exceeded the daily limit set by the European Commission.

The effects of the air pollution level in these cities can be dangerous for vulnerable groups such as children, people suffering from a chronic illness and the elderly, OKI added.

As we wrote 1st of October, the main statement of the study analysing the health effects of climate change in Hungary is that the occurrence of extreme temperature poses the most significant risk, read more HERE.


The hiding canals of Óbuda Gasworks came into sight, due to the Danube’s low water levels. It is possible that several poisonous substances have been coming out of these canals, but nobody has done anything to prevent them. Experts of Greenpeace examined the water to find out how bad the situation is. Hint: very bad. Read more HERE.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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