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Beauty pageants are now being held for fetuses still in the womb in Budapest.

The Hintaló Children’s Rights Foundation received an observation which may as well be a complaint. One of Budapest’s most famous gynaecological and obstetrics private clinic, the Genetic Diagnostics, Gynaecology and Family Planning Centre of Istenhegy, has held beauty competitions for fetuses for months, according to Index.

They use four- or five-dimensional ultrasound pictures of the not-yet-born infants, which, after the consent of the parents, are uploaded to Facebook in posts containing the name and age of the fetus, where the public can vote for “fetus of the month.”

As if this bizarre picture of a 30-something week old fetus, which looks like clay, will provide any sort of aesthetic pleasure or a unique look.

And yet, every month there are about a dozen candidates for the contest.

The winner — the fetus whose ultrasound picture got the most likes that month — receives an infant ultrasound examination as well as a newborn photo shoot.

The uploading of all these pictures of the not-yet-born children raises many questions and concerns. Mainly, and most importantly, about the privacy rights of the child and the protection of those rights, which are very much violated by exposing these images for the whole world to see.

Another concern is about the moral compass of parents-to-be and their respect — or lack thereof — for their future child.

Would you submit the ultrasound picture of your unborn child to a beauty contest? What do you think of those who do? Comment below 🙂

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Source: https://index.hu/

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