Hundub, a new Hungarian social networking site, has been operating for several months. The opinions about the site have been quite mixed, with most users saying it was unnecessary and not sophisticated enough. However, there were those who were glad that Facebook had a competitor, even if it cannot be called real competition.

We also wrote earlier about the launch of the Hungarian social media site called Hundub. There have been many complaints about the lack of proper regulations, as well as the lack of other convenience features already used on many other sites. A number of grammatical errors were also confusing to users. The other serious problem with the site is that there is no content control. It is popular with those who believe in extreme views because, unlike Facebook, it offers exemption from censorship. In particular, Hundub found supporters among people with extreme-right views who feel Hundub could be the solution for Facebook’s excessive political censorship.

Now, another problem has arisen, as it turns out that after registration, any Hundub user can access the images of any other user. This applies not only to images that appear on the social media interface but also to other private images. Adding to the troubles,

the leaked images include dozens of child pornography photos.

Hundub refers to itself in its own description as an “alternative media” and a “response to censorship”, but no one thought the lack of control would be so significant. Thus, the site not only violates privacy rights but can also be charged with the crime of child pornography. It has not been determined how many users in total these images may have come from. filed a complaint at the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) due to the scandal. BRFK’s communication department replied:

“The Budapest Police Headquarters has ordered an investigation into an unknown perpetrator on the suspicion of child pornography. We do not want to provide more information for the purpose of criminal proceedings.”

Hundub has not yet responded to the data processing error or child pornography content. The site is currently owned by Csaba Pál as the former co-owner, the American offshore company called Murmurati Limited, withdrew from the project in January. The site aims to function by funding from its community.


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