Opposition members of parliament’s national security committee on Tuesday raised concerns over plans to set up a Fudan University campus in Budapest.

János Stummer of the conservative Jobbik party said the government had failed to answer questions such as who represents the Hungarian state in negotiations with the Chinese university and whether they had undergone national security vetting.

He noted

the opposition’s earlier suggestion that the talks should be transparent “so that residents can decide if it is worth making that huge investment.”

Socialist lawmaker Zsolt Molnár said the responses provided in the meeting had “raised more questions than were answered”. He insisted that

setting up the campus posed “serious security risks” for Hungary, the EU, and NATO.

Péter Ungár of LMP accused the government of “turning a blind eye” to national security risks associated with the Fudan plans, arguing that “higher education often provides cover for covert operations”. Courses to train diplomats, he added, were “especially sensitive from a national security point of view”.

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Source: MTI

  1. Hate to agree with the opposition but they are right. The US closed a similar university because the members were spying and steeling intellectual properties. Keep China at arms length.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. They don’t want outsiders in their country and yet the Chinese expect to be able to force/buy their way into other countries. Keep away China, no one trusts you, you’re not welcome here.

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