According to, every city has a movie-like side, which is only known by a few people. But in the case of Budapest, the House of Mysteries brings you this world full of adventures, mysteries and secrets… 😉

The basic idea of the House of Mysteries was to offer an unforgettable night for the price of a cinema ticket or a dinner. In the beginning, they started out with escape rooms, then they also came up with outdoor detective games for those interested in intellective experiences but don’t like being locked up in a room.


Later, they added a whole new level to city quiz programmes and developed “crime sightseeing”. This how the House of Mysterious, an urban crime experience programme, was created.

A new family member, the Mystery Dinner was born later.

The organisers aimed to offer a sophisticated programme to visitors, in which they not only leave their homes but also take part in a fantastic detective experience while getting to know new people. And if they even attend the Mystery Dinner, they can discover a great restaurant. During a dinner like this, we can face crimes that we only know from movies.


But they didn’t stop here! Half a year later they launched Hotel Crime. This is a new generation, live logical game: it combines the popular exercises of escape rooms and the real detective experience of crime games.

The programmes double the excitement: you have to open several locks to solve a complicated crime.

And the team gets to choose the game venue. It can be played at home, in a hotel, office or even school – what matters is that everyone fits. The organisers provide the decoration.

In the case of the Town of Mysteries, the venue is given: the events happen on the cobbled streets of Budapest, where the border between tourism and investigation merges into one another. And the adventurous group visits the famous locations of the city to piece together the solution.


You can choose from several stories that would all stand their ground in an Agatha Christie novel on the website of House of Mysteries, where you can also find the locations, exercises and prices grouped by cities.

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