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There are almost a hundred dog-friendly restaurants only in Budapest, therefore, the exploration of must go on. In Part 1 and Part 2 we have not yet recommended any traditional Hungarian places, so here we are.

The Real Hungarian Experience

Fenyőgyöngye Vendéglő is an authentic Hungarian restaurant in the 2nd district. It has come a long way since its foundation back in 1935, when it was only a small house with a courtyard. All those years added up to that traditional atmosphere that can be felt, if not almost touched, as it is a family business.

The food itself promises that guest-friendly treatment that Hungarian people are known for – huge portions, substantial lunch and dinner options, local cuisine and traditional dishes.

dog-friendly restaurant

Get to know three traditional Hungarian dog breeds that would fit and probably would enjoy this place the most by clicking here, here and here or test out your knowledge for fun.

We No Speak Americano

Café Alessio is an Italian dog-friendly café and restaurant in the 2nd district preparing the best traditional dishes of the Apennine Peninsula. You can find different types of pasta, pizza, risotto on the menu, as well as seafood. As desserts tiramisu and pannacotta are inevitable, but there are other options as well. They offer a breakfast a la carte and have delivery, too. Everything that an Italian restaurant needs, can be found here.

Dogs, on the top of this, get fresh water as a “welcome drink.”

dog-friendly restaurant

We have already recommended another dog-friendly Italian restaurant, do you remember?

Shake it up!

L.A. Bodegita is a Caribbean restaurant and pub in the 13th district. The Cuban interior’s air is filled by pianist Ottó Ökrös’s music; the shakers are filled with exotic ingredients by András Lajsz; and the tummies are filled with Hungarian, Jewish, but mostly with Caribbean specialities. L. A. Bodegita not only has a weekly menu and live music, but it also has a bartender training programme for the enthusiasts of cocktails.

dog-friendly restaurant

Part 2 had already listed a party place, let’s find out about it now.

If You Want to Feel Special

Located in Andrássy Avenue, La Perle Noire Restaurant & Lounge is a quality restaurant. French cuisine gives the basics of their menu. The award-winning restaurant was for example the Restaurant of the Year in 2014, and was listed in 2013’s Michelin Guide. Their aperitif is champagne with lavender syrup, prior to servings there is some ‘amuse bouche avec pain’, meaning some small bites (or tapas, if you know Spanish cuisine) with home-cooked bread, and after the meal ‘petit four’, a small dessert is served.

dog-friendly restaurant

This entire process gives the backbone of dining in La Perle Noire. It is stylish and exclusive – as you can see.

The Source Must Be Only Clean, Fresh and Healthy!

Hilda is a dog-friendly restaurant in the heart of Budapest. This place in the 5th district only uses organic ingredients, starting from the milk and finishing at the bread everything is from a verified source, from local, tiny places. These ingredients then are prepared in an open-view kitchen, in a special rotisserie. Gluten- and lactose-intolerant guests, as well as vegetarians have a wide selection of varieties.

dog-friendly restaurant

The slow-pressed juices are healthy, and so are the smiles the employees greet you and your barking companion with.

Visit the first and second part of this article series, if you did not get the chance to read them so far.

Written by Stölkler Éva – Guest Author

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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