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Election 2018 – DK vows cuts in utility prices

Election 2018 – DK vows cuts in utility prices

The Democratic Coalition (DK) will grant two cubic metres of water, 15 to 20 cubic metres of natural gas and 50 KWH electricity free of charge to every household, if it comes to power after the April 8 general election, the leader of the opposition party said on Friday.

DK’s utilities scheme envisages keeping the current monthly utility prices for the average consumption of 15-20 cubic metres of water, 80-100 cubic metres of gas and 200 KWH electricity per household, Ferenc Gyurcsány said, adding that for consumption above those limits much higher prices would apply.

He criticised the government’s utility price cuts for having benefitted large consumers.

Arguing in favour of DK’s proposal, Gyurcsány said that 900,000 people are living in homes without appropriate heating.


Citing statistics by the Hungarian Social Forum, he said that so far 149 people had frozen to death just this winter.

Gyurcsány was asked about the 30 percent average increase in gas prices and the 10-14 percent increase in electricity prices just after his victory in the 2006 election.

He said that at that time oil prices had stood at 140-150 dollars per barrel on the global market for which consumers “had to pay”. At present, however, Hungarians are paying higher amounts than what the world market prices would justify, he said.

Ruling Fidesz responded as saying that the Gyurcsány government had increased threefold the household price of gas and twofold the price of electricity.

If elected into power, “Gyurcsány and his party would reverse utility price cut measures and put Hungarian families again at the mercy of foreign energy companies,” the party said in a statement.

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  1. máté pál

    Gyurcsány, why did you not do this deed while you were PM? You literally ruined the country and took things away, necer mind give. You are a liar of the first degree.

  2. VEDO

    Ah, the old, “Give with one hand and take with the other”, policy. Fuel prices in EU are at the above stated price per barrel After refinement. In fact the cheapest EU fuel octane ratings of 91 oct, is actually North America’s best, the worst being 87 oct. The americans add ethanol to raise the octane rating as high as 94, but the fuel is garbage and has little heating value. The EU’s premiums in the 95 oct or better come at a price, but we’re paying high for the NA garbage fuel here too.
    Gyurcsány, trying to give a bag of oats to get elected has got to be the funniest joke i’ve seen lately. He has no conception of how he could pay for it or any of his other promises. His track record sucks no matter which country were to look at it for that simple reason.
    You have to admit that Hungary now appears to show freedom to the world, if a former commie party that bankrupted the nation previously is allowed to run free with all these silly rallies and not get thrown in jail.

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