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Billboard campaign initiated by Government against the so called Soros-plan, i.e. helping migrants to come and settle down in Europe.

Commercial news portal Origo on Friday carried an article detailing how an online network of activists allegedly funded by US billionaire George Soros was attempting to “hack” Hungary’s general election by sidestepping campaign rules.

According to the pro-government portal, the group named Avaaz “is putting out a huge amount of paid internet ads for Soros’s opposition candidates”. Origo says “there is a suspicion that [the network] is trying to circumvent Hungary’s election rules by running political ads from outside Hungary.”

The article says Avaaz has interfered in several foreign elections, supporting “the pro-migration candidates” in all of them.

According to Origo, the network runs a new ad on Facebook and its Messenger app about ousting and uniting against ruling Fidesz every 20 minutes.

Avaaz has reportedly been active in the campaign since March.

Origo said Soros had helped set up Avaaz by donating 150,000 US dollars to it through his Open Society Foundations in 2006. In 2009, the network received another 300,000 dollars from “another Soros organisation”.

The article said the Avaaz “click movement” is present in 194 countries and is believed to have some 46 million members.

Source: MTI

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  1. It is clear to may people what kind of person that Mr. Schwartz György is. When he was only 14 years old he started to steel from innocent people and he continued to do since that time. People who are supporting this man need a medical investigation because something is not good!
    George Soros (Schwartz György) stole from Jews during World War II and he tried to hide this revealing film. Billionaire George Soros is one of the most controversial ‘political’ figures in the world. The media always protect him because he, as a Jew, survived the occupation of his native Hungary by Nazi-Germany. A video has now surfaced in which he admits indiscriminately that he personally stole Jewish property. He spoke about this in the program ‘60 Minutes’ with journalist Steve Kroft. The video was recently placed on Twitter by the filmmaker and writer Dinesh D’Souza: The issue is not what Soros did with the Nazi’s when he was 14. It is his complete absence or remorse for it. In the interview he explained that he was 14 years old when he managed to escape from the Nazis. He was protected by a man who convinced the authorities that Soros was his godson. ‘I understand that you went out with your protector’, Kroft said. ‘Yes, yes’, Soros answered. ‘That you went out to steal property from the Jews’, Kroft continued. ‘That’s right. Yes’, Soros said. That seems to Dinesh D’Souza to be a case that would cause many decent and honest people a trauma. ‘Was it difficult’? Kroft asked. ‘Not at all. Not at all’, Soros smiled. Lack of repentance. The journalist then asked him if he felt guilty. ‘No’, the billionaire replied. The writer noted that it is mainly his total lack of sorrow, not so much what he did with the Nazis when he was 14 years old. Think of this when you briefly read something positive in the media about this man, who admits in the above link that he was smiling when Jews were deported during the Second World War!
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