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Election 2018 – Turnout at 5pm 63.21 pc

Election 2018 – Turnout at 5pm 63.21 pc

By 5pm on Sunday, 63.21 percent of all voters, nearly 5 million people, had cast their ballot in Hungary’s parliamentary election, the National Election Office (NVI) reported.

Turnout was the highest (66.71 percent) in Vas County, in the west, and the lowest (58.86 percent) in Hajdú-Bihar County, in the east. Turnout in Budapest was 67.28 percent.

Turnout at 5.30pm was 56.77 percent in 2014 and 59.28 percent in 2010.

Turnout is growing 10-11 per cent in each two hours.

featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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