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The “Soros network” is attempting to influence Hungary’s judiciary system by holding “pro-migration” sensitisation trainings for court employees, István Hollik, the spokesman of ruling Fidesz-KDNP’s parliamentary group told a press conference on Saturday.

“The [Hungarian] Helsinki Committee holds pro-migration sensitisation trainings clearly designed to sensitise court employees by representing the viewpoint of migrants and their interests,” Hollik said.

It is “outrageous and unacceptable” that the trainings are also used to provide counselling on asylum law and certain legal cases regarding migration, he said.

Most cases pertaining to asylum requests and expulsion are handled at the courts, he said.

It is “easy to make the conclusion” that the Helsinki Committee aims to influence the judiciary and mislead judges so they can bring more migrants to Europe, he said.

“Lawyers on Soros’s payroll” representing migrants may also face judges in the courtroom “who have been sensitised” by the lawyers themselves, which is an obvious danger to the judges’ independence, Hollik said.

Source: MTI

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