Heti Világgazdaság reports that a grandmother who was desperate for money, allowed a man to have sexual intercourse with her 15-year-old granddaughter for 6000 forints (EUR 19). The woman could be sentenced to eight years of jail.

The teenaged girl has been living with her grandmother in a village near the river Tisza for two years now. The elderly woman became the girl’s guardian legally.

The incident occurred back in January, when the grandmother took her grandchild, 15, to a man in the village. At first, the woman attempted to sell him a boot, but upon him refusing the deal, the woman offered her grandchild for sexual purposes to the man.

The man accepted the offer at first, though abandoned his intentions when the minor was rejective towards him.

The grandmother is charged by the local prosecutor with the procurement of a minor who is under their guardianship. For this, she could be sentenced to two to eight years of imprisonment. The Füzesabony prosecutor proposed the prison sentence and the prohibition of guardianship and of participation in matters of general concernment.

An investigation was lead on the man on the charges of participating in child prostitution.

Source: hvg.hu

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