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The community support officer of Budapest’s 3rd district can thank his routine and composure for his life. Richárd Kuba was hit by a lunatic in Hídfő Street on Sunday, after he tried to verify his identity. Furthermore, the driver did not stop after hitting him but drove another 50 metres with him on the hood. Finally, Mr Kuba fell to the ground and miraculously survived the incident.

According to blikk.hu, Mr Kuba and his colleague went to a black Audi that Sunday because they realised that the car was parked illegally. While Mr Kuba was taking photos of the Audi, his partner asked for the owner’s documents. However,

instead of giving any papers, the owner stepped on the gas and tried to drive away.

“I did not even have time to escape the hit. I lost my balance and soon realised that I was on the top of the car’s hood,” Mr Kuba told the Hungarian tabloid. He successfully grabbed the edge of the hood, but the car’s driver gave more gas and drove for another 50 metres with the victim.

“I struggled for my life. I squeezed to avoid getting under the vehicle.”

After the driver took a sudden turn, he fell off the hood, but the perpetrator did not stop to help him. The 32-year-old man suffered light injuries on his head, knees, elbow, and scapula. Currently, he is at home trying to recover and mentally process what happened to him.

“When I joined the force, I knew that anything could happen. I had to deal with burning cars. Once, I was attacked, and a car hit me even. But this was the most extreme thing that happened to me,” Mr Kuba said.

“I need a bit of rest now, but later, I will continue to serve.”

Interestingly, the 22-year-old perpetrator went to the local police station the next day since his acquaintances told him that the police were searching for him. Zsolt V. L. was taken into custody for abusing a public official and for reckless endangerment. Moreover, he was disqualified from driving because he drove drunk before.

In Hungary, not only police officers are protected by the law as people fulfilling public duties, but also community support officers, their Facebook page writes. Furthermore, they can review your documents, search your belongings, and can even use handcuffs.

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Source: blikk.hu, Facebook

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