According to, Hungarian high school students left to Uganda to help and facilitate the work of the Africa-Hungarian Union’s (AHU) doctors.

The Hungarian high school students arrived at the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centre (HTCC) in Dubai, as it turns out from touristic journalist Róbert Richárd Kiss’ report. The students will be taught about the mission of the institution functioning as “the gate of Africa” for two days. Thereafter they leave the luxurious conditions behind and travel to Uganda.

The youngsters, who’ve been through serious preparational training, will not only get an insight into the everyday life of Ugandans, but they will also help the work of the organisation. They will attend a local educational institution, and find out what it means when people have to walk ten kilometres to get water.

For that matter, the experts of the African-Hungarian Union have already helped thirty thousand people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Malawi, Madagascar, Guinea and Uganda.

AHU organises supportive programmes that offer long-term solutions to the multiply underprivileged ethnic groups and minorities in Africa. The flagships of AHU’s activity are the volunteer medical missions, with which they attended to almost 40,000 patients in different parts of Africa, where thousands of people live without medical attendance due to the lack of experts and equipment.

Besides medical missions, AHU supports orphanages and schools, too. Anyone can contribute to this activity: every child’s photo is available on AHU’s site; chose the one you want to help with donation. Or, you can collect clothes, toys, or durable goods that the union can deliver to kids.

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