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Drought can be one of the biggest problems of our Earth in the next decades. Photo: pixabay.com

A water retainer developed by a Hungarian company, Water&Soil Ltd, might solve the problems of Africa and other territories of the world struggling with droughts. 

Already successful in a lot of countries

According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, the product got marketing authorisation in Kenya so it can start its conquest on the driest continent. 

Richárd Vattay, CEO of the company, told szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu that their participation in the Budapest Water Summit of 2016 increased the publicity and visibility of their innovation a lot, though then, they were only at the beginning of their marketing strategy. The fact that the company could introduce itself on a global event helped a lot to start conquering international markets. Since then, their product has been successfully tested

in South-Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Iran, India, Pakistan, Chile and Great-Britain

where they could become an active market actor. This list broadened with Kenya where they got marketing authorisation, he added.

In fact, the Water Retainer VízŐr® is an organic soil-conditioning product that can be applied by either spraying on the surface or solved in the irrigation water, with different levels of dilution possible. If the Hungarian innovation is applied appropriately,

the soil’s water retainment ability will be substantially increased,

and the benefits in better root development and better hydration will last for the whole cultivation period.

Significantly higher yields

The plants grown on soil treated with the product can survive twice the time in extreme drought conditions without serious damage. The Water Retainer also reduces changes to soil condition caused by drought, and the soil will be able to additionally trap air humidity during high moisture periods (dawn or night vapour formation).

As a result,

the yields can increase by 6-20 pc

on non-irrigated arable lands, which, in fact, is 80 pc of the land used for growing plants on the globe, so, the market is huge. Furthermore, on irrigated land, it can halve the amount of water used for irrigation since it not only keeps water in the topsoil layer but also traps air humidity during high moisture periods. 

Thanks to these properties, studies show that by the use of the product on a 100,000-acre-land on which irrigation intensity is an annual 30 pc, we can save 120 million m3 water, which equals the annual average


water consumption of 2 million people.

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Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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