Xeropan language learning

Xeropan that offers language learning through fun and play, raised almost 800 000 EUR from Hiventures. Xeropan’s mission is to teach practical language skills to the world by offering real-life video content.

Instead of using textbook-like outdated learning content, Xeropan offers real-life video lessons from film trailers, TV shows to newscast so that learners acquire the everyday use of the target language. We immerse learners in the actual use of the language, they become used to native-like thinking, they understand the native rate of speech and we enhance their cognitive creative thinking and speaking – says Attila Al-Gharawi, the co-founder and CEO of the company.

A personal digital language teacher helps learners 24/7, wrapped in a gamified, entertaining environment.

Learners can level up, earn various ranks and different achievements by completing thrilling lessons and tests. Xeropan also offers a mini app within the app that keeps track of the learners’ passive (weak expressions learners find it hard to remember) and active vocabulary (strong expressions). Learners also receive a detailed summary of their learning progress.

Xeropan language learning
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Parents are generally pleased to see their kids playing around with Xeropan on their phone and it happens quite frequently that parents themselves become hooked on Xeropan as well, because they can learn a wide variety of real-life expressions that otherwise would be hard to practice without living abroad in the target country.

Language teachers and schools have also discovered the benefits of the app and recommend using it as an after-class activity.

The company currently has learners from around 185 countries of the world and wishes to strengthen its international presence with the investment. As the first stage of the development, they doubled the number of languages through learners can learn English and the team is now working on a revolutionary feature that allows learners to practice their conversational and speaking skills along with the Desktop html version of Xeropan.


The company has increased its revenue in the last couple of years, but their goal is to reach over a million EUR revenue by the end of 2020. The two founders have built a strong team of content developers, software engineers, UI\UX specialists and marketing experts. Currently, 20 people work on the development of the software and they also got 3rd party experts on board to assist the team.

This contributes to the fact that thousands of people use Xeropan on a daily basis with retention rates way over the industry standard.

Retention plays a significant role in our industry – says Attila – because even with magical abracadabra, we can’t learn to speak a language confidentially over a couple of days; we need to dedicate 5-15 minutes a day of fun learning with Xeropan for a couple of weeks to get the hang of a language and start speaking confidentially.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/Xeropan

Source: Xeropan – Press Release

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