Following an inquest, it was found out that a Hungarian woman killed herself in Trowse, the UK, because she was scared that she would be forced to leave the country after Brexit, reports

Ágnes Bartos hanged herself earlier this year and was found dead on March 1 near Whitlingham Lane. The 52-year-old woman lived at Southwell Road in Norwich and was a volunteer with the Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind.

The judicial inquiry into her death was held on Monday morning, at the Norfolk Coroner’s Court in Norwich.

According to the original article, Bartos was worried that ‘she may have to leave the country because of Brexit’ prior to her death. A letter was sent to Bartos, in which an offer was made which would help her get back to work. Yvonne Blake, the area coroner, said that the letter may have frightened the woman who was frightened by officialdom.

The coroner said that she would not book this as a suicide, even though there were no suspicious circumstances or evidence found. Blake further argued that Bartos knew where her actions were leading and that they would end her life, but it is quite possible that the 52-year-old woman was in a troubled state of mind at the time she made her final decision.


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