According to, immigrants are getting smuggled at the Serbian-Hungarian border in a much more organised way than before, as human traffickers now know where the weak point of the fence is and they play upon it.

Human traffickers lift a labelled column of the wire obstacle from the ground every dawn in the given time on the Hungarian side. They bend the wire, get across 200-250 people in a few minutes and put back the fence in its original spot. Reportedly even more people cross the border at weekends, the number of immigrants might even reach 400.

“It is believed that a team from Borsod County is coordinating the procedure, but there’s also a gang of Serbian smugglers working on the side. They mostly get to the Serbian side of the fence at 3 am, lift up the pile and bend the wire fence. 200-250 people can crawl across in just a few minutes.


Immigrants hurry to a close-by wooded area in the dark and wait for the morning to come” said an insider, who added that it seems that the authorities are overlooking this.

The government is now planning to construct a new fence at the Hungarian-Serbian border that is capable of stopping hundreds of thousands of people. The new fence will be stronger than the current one, and it will have a sand lane in front of it, which will locate footsteps. Drones and infra cameras will also be scanning the vicinity of the fence, so it’ll be impossible to approach the border imperceptibly.

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