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Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony, the Párbeszéd party’s candidate for prime minister in the opposition’s primary election, outlined his election platform on Saturday, saying that Hungary was in need of “change and making amends” so that “a better life is not a privilege of just the top one percent of society”.

The country should serve “the 99 percent rather than a few”, Karácsony said, underscoring the need for a Hungary in which “upward mobility is easier and it is more difficult to fall into poverty”.

Karácsony said the “restoration of democracy” should be coupled with “justice and making amends for the legal, moral, and material damage caused by the majority in the past more than one decade”.

Hungary needs “another dethronement to repair a damaged and sick democracy,” he said, adding that “the throne should be removed from Hungarian politics so that being in power will no longer mean reign but service”.

“What we need is not just a changing of the guard or a rematch, but real change, accountability and compensation rather than revenge,” the mayor said. He added that he would not accept “politics being equal to corruption, irresponsibility, and showing off”.

“We must leave divisions behind so that Hungary can be reunited,” Karácsony said.

After the pandemic, the country will need “more sustainable and more humane policies”, he said. “The future will either be green or there will be no future at all,” Karácsony said, calling for a greater focus on green and social issues.

Concerning the opposition primary election, Karácsony said candidates “should not be competing to see who has the biggest vocabulary to defame the government”, but rather to determine “who is able to keep together and reinforce the opposition alliance”.

“We’re not looking for a leader of the opposition, but a person to lead the whole country,” he said.

Karácsony said the opposition needed the contributions of conservatives and liberals alike to stop “the one percent that has now lost all checks and balances”, and proposed a “Movement 99” to promote a change in Hungary “not in place of the parties but alongside them”.

Karácsony said his movement already had the support of personalities such as former state secretary Jozsef Angyan, philosopher Janos Kiss, former central bank governor Peter Akos Bod, sociologist Zsuzsa Ferge and actor-director Robert Alfoldi. He added that the movement was drafting a programme that would establish the directions for “a cohesive society and the rule of law”.

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Source: MTI

  1. No thanks The majority of Hungarians do not want what the Marxist Mayor of Budapest is selling. And calling it Regime change sounds like a plot for a coup de tat violent revolution. That will certainly not win him many friends outside of the boundaries of Budapest.

  2. Restore Hungary? like the Marxist/Leninist Hungary of the 70’s? This is a dangerous individual using the Soros playbook and must not be allowed to rise to power.

  3. The US was restored and not it is a total mess.
    Open borders
    Gas shortage
    High inflation
    Country on the brinks of bankruptcy
    Loss of respect and support at home and abroad

  4. Miss Maria von Theresa, lets me help you with your questions :
    Open borders – USA has open border only with Canada, in the south the there is a border control always was, nothing changed
    Gas shortage – caused by an attack on a private company, enhanced by people panicking
    High Inflation – started well into the previous administration, pandemic is a major factor
    Country on the brinks of bankruptcy – world on the brink of bankruptcy, caused by corporations and markets, fueled by the pandemic, failed to be stopped by all governments.
    Loss of respect and support at home and abroad – ? no need for any comment here this is irrelevant, when in history was USA on the same page, there are always 2 sides.
    I am pointing out your failure to identify the actual culprit of the USA ‘total mess’, but I am failing to understand the connection to Hungary.
    Lets not put people in the same bucket, i see no connection of Budapest Mayor and the situation of USA or the World. Green party doesn’t mean communism, communist party means communism.
    Making some bike lanes doesnt make you a Marxist, promoting electric cars doesn’t make you evil.
    Smear this candidate with actual proof, Facts facts facts not biased opinions.

  5. When an opposition groups together to defeat a govt you get a huge range of people and policies united only by their desire to remove the current leader.
    If you look at USA that very thing happened with Trump. The far left united with the never Trumpers, and the extreme right.
    BUT, the problem is that when you group the left and right you do not get a stable Govt. Look at USA!
    Hungarians should be very cautious about a govt without a policy.
    I laugh at Karacsony’s talk about the one per cent running Hungary. If he gets elected Hungary will be controlled by one person. Soros!

  6. same old Soros story, proof proof proof.
    If i recall correctly this Soros is the enemy created by Orban. Now i dont side with anyone and untill is being proven that this Soros guy is evil and its purpose is to destroy this country i dont buy it.
    What is proven so far is that this country is lead\control by 1 man, free press is silenced, laws are approved by a single party etc . This is the definition of a tyrannical dictatorship. Democracy is not when 1 person decides for everyone. Its funny, this country run away from communism so later to go back to it.
    Democracy is when laws are debated, when 1 cannot rule the country , when power is shared not held.
    Stalin was for the people, Mao was for the people, the guy with mustache was for the people; “what we learn from history is not learning from history”

  7. “NotPolitical” is obviously an avid supporter of the ‘left’ so why does he claim to be ‘not political’ ?

    It seems like complete bovine excrement !

  8. Non Political should watch some news. A closed border means that only people with permission enter the country at check point. Media clips show people walking into the US and no one stops them..

    You are totally right, the US has no business to comment on Hungary. Yet, the American foreign minister and Biden keep criticizing Hungary and aiding and abetting the EU to punish Hungary.

    The US, which was totally successful under the Trump Administration, is in trouble. It is not only the COVID but bad policies caused the hardship for the wonderful American people. The American Government should concentrate on solving its problems and keep out of Hungary’s internal affairs.

  9. It seems that Non Political does not know of the dealing of Soros.
    I offer just one example.
    Soros has given large amounts of money to a number of Democratic District Attorneys in the USA to help them win election.
    They have paid him back by advancing the left wing chaos favoured by Soros.
    These DA’s have released hundreds of rioters in the BLM riots without charge
    These DA’s have chased the McCloskey couple who were protecting their homes from the Antifa mob The DA in this case has a history of faking evidence and other prosecturial misconduct.
    This is only one example.

  10. Counter arguing with insults, smart way of defending your views.
    Mario, you definitely won this debate with your intelligent remarks towards my personal well being. you are such an inspiration for all of us, your rich vocabulary your smart zingers and well constructed phrases that showcase intellectual domination.
    You are the living proof that thousands of years of evolution worked.

    As for this news articles, I think this country has other great leaders that are capable of serving this nation. Not only Orban & Co, I mean they stolen so much, they can retire in peace.

  11. As I commented in another article, Trump suggested whether people could ingest bleach to flush out the coronavirus, said Covid would be gone by Easter and maintained climate change was something made up by the Chinese. The reason Biden is now president isn’t necessarily because people wanted him in, they wanted Trump out. If the US is in a mess now it’s because it’s trying to clear up the damage and destruction that the previous narcissistic president left in his wake. Soros is on his last legs, he won’t be around forever. The Fidesz government may have been elected democratically but it has been changing into creeping authoritarianism and an illiberal democracy. You can’t just shut down media sites because you don’t like what they print.

  12. A.Nonimous, you have missed a very important point in regards to Orban.
    Despite the negative comments and destructive actions of the anti-FIDESZ mob.

    Mark my words, Karácsony is just the fall guy as he is hardly qualified for the job.

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