Termalfurdo.hu collected some great thermal baths in the proximity of Budapest that are easily accessible by road or rail if you happen to opt for public transportation. This article shows some less known thermal baths in Hungary close to Budapest that can be reached within an hour and that offer some tranquillity if you look for peaceful relaxation and recreation. It is guaranteed that there is no rush for finding a parking lot, nor long queues. 🙂

The thought of waiting in long queues to get into thermal baths and sitting in crowded pools in a cold, wintery day in Budapest might discourage even the most determined bathers to rest in the capital. Many of them are willing to take a little journey to avoid the crowd and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, an important factor can be the distance of the destination from the capital and its accessibility with public transportation. Here is a list of baths where, besides the travelling time, the means of public transportation available is also indicated, so you do not have to worry about getting there, and you can get out the most of your relaxing time. Check out.

1. Velence Resort & Spa

  • Means of transportation: train
  • Place of departure: Kőbánya-Kispest Railway Station, Déli Railway Station or Kelenföld Train Station
  • Distance between the nearest station and the bath: the station is right in front of the bath
  • Travelling time: 38-56 min

The Velence Resort & Spa is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Lake Velence. The bath has its own medicinal water, so it is great that in the region, the healing powers of the lake and the spa can both be enjoyed. Furthermore, out of the 3 pools of the resort, one provides a spectacular look over the lake. Children’s pools, 7 saunas and other services are offered in the resort that you must visit if you discover the neighbourhood.

2. Leányfalu Thermal Bath

  • Means of transportation: bus
  • Place of departure: Újpest Center
  • Distance between the nearest station and the bath: 1 min walk
  • Travelling time: 48 min

The real beauty of the Leányfalu Bath can be seen in the summer when people can lie under the big trees on the bank of the Danube in a magnificent green area. However, life does not stop here in winter either. Outside pools, like a medical pool (37-39 °C), and a thermal pool with fountains and waterworks (30-32 °C) also operate in the wintertime with some covering. These pools are connected to the main building with a heated pavement, so visitors should not worry about the cold weather.

In the wintertime, both the swimming pool and the small and shallow pool for beginners are under the cover of a tent so that visitors can use them despite the cold weather.

Leányfalu is the perfect place for relaxation which is crowned by the sauna and the steam shower services available to the visitors.

3. Cegléd Thermal Bath and Leisure Center

  • Means of transportation: train
  • Place of departure: from Nyugati Railway Station or Kőbánya-Kispest Railway Station by passenger train to Budai Street station
  • Distance between the nearest station and the bath: 1 km (14 min walk)
  • Travelling time: 47-62 min

The Cegléd Thermal Bath is a several-storeyed, roofed building open all year round. It has a number of children’s pools, a therapeutic pool and a spectacular fountain pool. Moreover, underwater jet massage, a gym, physiotherapy treatments, sauna and solarium also serve for the refreshment of the visitors. This is the place where children and adults alike can enjoy themselves not far from the heart of Budapest.

4. Agárd Thermal Bath and Spa

  • Means of transportation: train or bus
  • Place of departure: from Kőbánya-Kispest Railway Station, Déli Railway Station or Kelenföld Train Station to Gárdony
  • Distance between the nearest station and the bath: from Gárdony Railway Station, buses run to the bath in 6 min
  • Travelling time: 38-78 min by train

A cavalcade of services are offered in the Agárd Thermal Bath. Besides the medicinal water, special sections are devoted to regeneration and entertainment. Indoor and outdoor family pools and sauna provide recreation for the visitors. The bath is particularly recommended for people suffering from rheumatic problems, musculoskeletal disorders or surgical pains. Therefore, everyone can find something to enjoy and spend a great day at Agárd.

5. Aquasziget Esztergom

  • Means of transportation: bus or train
  • Place of departure: by bus, from Árpád Bridge; by train, from Nyugati Railway Station
  • Distance between the nearest station and the bath: if you travel by bus, it is a 1 km walk while the train station is about 2 km from the bath (30 min walk)
  • Travelling time: 1h 18 min
Wellness is full of pleasure/aquasziget.hu/

Aquasziget Esztergom offers a wide variety of bathing and sports programmes. From the Turkish bath itself through the fitness section to the wellness section, there is a lot to discover and enjoy. The beautiful Esztergom, best known for its Basilica, also gives home to this unique bath offering 5 covered pools, 5 saunas and 2 giant slides in the wintertime.

6. Aqualand Ráckeve

  • Means of transportation: suburban rail (HÉV)
  • Place of departure: Közvágóhíd
  • Distance between the nearest station and the bath: 7 min walk
  • Travelling time: 1h 13 min
/facebook/Aqua Land Termál és Élményfürdő/
The new wellness section/facebook/Aqua Land Termál és Élményfürdő/

Aqualand Ráckeve is well-known for its medicinal water which is excellent for alleviating the symptoms of musculoskeletal diseases and skin problems. Out of the 8 pools, 3 are covered: a swimming pool, a children’s pool and a medical pool with fountains and waterworks.

Therefore, there is no member of the family who would not find anything suitable in this thermal spa that provides entertainment for the smaller ones and recreation for the bigger ones.

If you visit the bath, take part in the sauna ceremonies, too, organised every day.

Based on this list, which one would you visit? 🙂

Featured image: velencespa.com

Source: termalfurdo.hu

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