Small studio flats are becoming popular day by day, and with this, their prices are growing too. Heti Világgazdaság reports about the tiniest flat in Budapest, which at first might sound like a cheap way out with its 3.5 square metres.

Due to the rising prices in the real estate market (considering both renting and buying prices), small studio or one-bedroom flats are on demand. Despite these flats being sustainable considering the utilities, their prices per square metre are close to those noticed in among luxury flats, rarely below 1 million forints per square metre (EUR 3000).

According to Heti Világgazdaság, the tiniest flat in Budapest consists of a fully equipped kitchen (toaster, coffee machine, mini fridge, cooktop), a shower cabin and a bedroom, with mood lighting as an extra. Originally, the flat was a bathroom, but the owner repurposed it with a goofy, yet creative idea. It only needed a bit of re-designing and a gallery to revamp it into a cosy little home.

The flat is currently rented by a 1.8 metres tall woman.

The precise measures of the flat are 2 metres in length and 1.6 metres in width, which makes out a mattress, so if the bed could be fit on a gallery, then a full flat could be squeezed in there – reveals the owner his initial thoughts.

The news crew of the Hungarian TV channel RTL Klub visited the apartment, and upon this occasion, an interior decorator revealed the simple secret to recreating your home. Surprisingly, you only need unique and multifunctional furniture that does not take up a lot of place and lots of bright surfaces.

You can check out the flat in the video below; it is shown from 0:00 until 1:20.


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