Green opposition LMP has said it will file a criminal complaint for abuse of office and misappropriation of funds over what it suspects is corruption surrounding the tech purchases of state institutions.

US software giant Microsoft first sold its products to intermediary companies at substantially discounted prices, after which those companies sold them to state institutions at their full prices or at even higher ones, Gábor Vágó, a spokesman for the party, told a press conference on Monday.

“While in Romania, ministers were taken away in handcuffs for the same thing, in Hungary, company leaders who were fired over this scandal have ended up at the Prime Minister’s Office,”

Vágó said, adding that the FBI has launched an investigation into the case.

Vágó said he did not expect the chief public prosecutor’s office headed by Péter Polt to “do much” about the case, but voiced hope that since the statute of limitations on corruption crimes is 12 years, an investigation into the matter will be possible in the future.

Source: MTI

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