reports that after three weeks long search for Ajna, 29, the woman was found last Friday in a boathouse. She was completely naked and does not remember anything.

The 29-year-old Ajna worked as a masseuse at an Austrian luxury hotel, but she quit on the 17th of July. She had plans to return to Hungary but has never arrived. The hotel’s staff was suspicious of the woman’s car still being at the parking lot, even after three days of her quitting. According to an Austrian news site, oe24, the staff reported this to the authorities and not much later the Hungarian woman was declared missing. The authorities have been looking for her for three weeks, without any success of locating her.

Eventually, Ajna was found last Friday in an abandoned boathouse near Pörtschach, in southern Austria. The woman, who was completely naked, came out of the boathouse when she heard some Hungarian tourists talking and asked for their help. The tourist group was scuba diving nearby. Ajna was unharmed, but still in a horrible condition. She was dehydrated and lost a significant amount of weight. She could not walk straight, did not remember her name initially, and was very confused.

According to her, she does not know how she ended up in the boathouse or what happened to her after she left home from the hotel. The Austrian press looked into the matter and found that the boathouse on the shores of Lake Wört, belongs to an entrepreneur who has not visited his property in a long time. However, witnesses claim that they’ve seen a small boat anchored in front of the house during the past weeks, with an older man as captain. Others heard different noises coming from the house.

The Austrian police have not found anything convincing as of yet that would lead to a conclusion. has contacted the Foreign Ministry of Hungary, inquiring whether they’ve heard about the strange case, but they got no answer so far.

Photo: Pixabay – Illustration


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