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According to, there is a new dog beach that opened on the first of May in Tiszafüred, in front of the bicycle park on the Morotva peninsula (Morotva Kerékpáros Pihenőpark) near the quiet backwater of the river Tisza.

This is the first dog-friendly beach in the Eastern part of the country – explained the mayor of the city to MTI. Imre Újvári explained that it is a legitimate expectation to have a dog-friendly beach that can be used during the tourist season. There are popular resorts in the area, and many people travel with their four-legged friends. It has become important to have a safe place for both the tourists and their pets to swim and cool off during our hot summers.

This will hopefully put an end to the occasional arguments that happen because of the presence of dogs at these beaches – said the mayor.

Within the government maintained beach there is an approximately 120-150 meter long shore and a 1000-1500 square meter grassy area assigned to dogs. The beach has all the licenses and permissions from both the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (NPHMOS) and the Regional Department of Water. Local authorities have even contacted animal welfare organisations to go through some technical matters.

One person is allowed to bring as many as three dogs to the beach. They will need to be able to prove that their vaccinations are up to date. The admission is free.

After the official opening ceremony on the first of May, dr. Károly Varga paediatrician and his service dog, Rex held a presentation, followed by a dog beauty contest. In the end, the dogs and their owners had a chance to go on a boat trip organised by Albatrosz Kikötő.

Other dog-friendly beaches can be found on the EB OVO website (Responsible dog owners association): an extensive list with a map to show where each of these beaches are located. You can also read more about this topic in one of our earlier articles here.


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